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Does This Look Like A Snake Handling Preacher Who Died Of A Snake Bite 30 Years After His Daddy Died The Same Way?

Why, yes, it does.

Hey, I don't care how someone worships. I suppose this guy would think that bringing in some electric guitars and singing a U2 song is a strange way to worship, too.  And to a certain extent, handling snakes as a way to show your faith makes a little bit of sense. At least he backs it up. What God shorted him on brains he sure replaced it with faith.  But if I were him, I would have gone with some kind of rat snake and innocently not mentioned that to the congregation. Then again, the concept of lying to a congregation about showing faith is a theological dilemma that I just can't handle on a Wednesday.

Side note: This story reminded me of our impromptu worship service on the courthouse square almost three years ago to the day.