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Random Monday Morning Thoughts - Limited Edition

  • San Antonio teacher gets probation from a jury for Intoxication Manslaughter. That follows on the heels of a flight attendant who received the same sentence a couple of week back. mc death 
  • Arlington motorcycle death./
  • The Mrs. and I planted a ton of bushes this weekend. After one day, none have died. 
  • I found the show where people bid on lost airplane luggage without having the chance to open it first. I would absolutely do that.
  • Love this in an article about a column written by Randy Galloway and the quitting of a TCU Running back. "Despite the lengthy piece, however, the coach did not specifically address Wesley’s situation, at least in quotes utilized by Galloway for the article." Translation: Galloway mails it in by bloating his columns with quotes that often ad little or nothing. 
  • I watched an Anthony Bourdain episode over the weekend where he went to the Texas/Mexico border.Did you know ferrel hogs could swim across the Rio Grande.
  • Yale gal writes about her future for the school paper, and then dies after graduation one week later. "We're so young. We're so young."
  • WBAP's ex Mark Davis has a new home.
  • Trouble at the Empire: "The Texas football team is 13-12 over its last two season. The Longhorns men's basketball team has won two NCAA tournament games the last four years. The women's basketball team hasn't won any.Meanwhile, UT's baseball team has just completed its worst regular season since 1998 and just when the school's softball team seemed to be on the verge of a special year, they fell one victory of its first Women's College World Series appearance in six seasons after losing twice to Oregon on their home field Saturday in the Super Regionals."
  • It hadn't made the news yet, but I'm hearing that Fort Worth police responded to the wrong address over the weekend. and then shot a barking dog. Edit: Has made the news.