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Random Fourth Of July Thoughts

Your Wimbledon 2011 Champion. And She's Got Her Green Card! Go America! Edit: I'm officially losing it. I even watched the match. Watched her second place trophy presentation. Two days later I think she won? I'm officially senile.

  • Jarhead was covering a fire yesterday in Granbury (so did WFAA)
  • And he posted a pretty good random mugshot out of Denton.
  • Hmmmm. He's doing all these blog posts over the Fourth of July weekend when he thought I wasn't looking? The guy is starting his own Blog Revolution over there. 
  • Wow: Four motorcycle deaths near Canton. Completely innocent motorcycle deaths.
  • I can't sleep in if my life depended on it.
  • Tried to explain what the 4th was about to the Fourth Grader To Be In The House. Hope I didn't screw that up. (But justifying a revolution isn't particularly easy.)
  • Just looked up and saw a bunch of Elvis impersonators on mini-bikes on TV at the Arlington Independence Day Parade. (Question mark forming over my head.) 
  • Now my brain just hears, "We're the Flying Elvises! Utah chapter!"
  • Fireworks overrated? Twenty minutes should be the absolute maximum. (And is that the one area where there has been actually no improvement in design over the last thirty years?)
  • Everyone sure seemed grumpy on here on Friday.
  • Been having this thought lately: If there are places I'd like to visit, I'd better get on it. 
  • I almost bought a camouflage print bathing suit yesterday and then decided that I'd have buyer's remorse before I got out of the parking lot. 
  • I use Google as a quick spellchecker (it'll suggest alternative spellings) a lot. I wonder if "spellchecker" is "spell-checker" or "spell checker."
  • Texas will have a new law on 9/1 that makes family pets covered by a Protective Order obtained by a  real live human. It includes threatening an animal. Really. 
  • Sounds like lots of people were griping about the Runaway Bay fireworks. I'm surprised Runaway Bay even does it. 
  • No Hal Jay dogging today. But I just saw that Fox 4's Lauren Przybyl doesn't know who Tommy Lee is.