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Someone sent me a hot Fort Worth crime opinion


Anonymous said...

The 7th Haven owner or manager posts hot opinions on his sign occasionally. Remember the naked guy who threatened to jump from a billboard in that area? 7th Haven then offered the non-jumper a job via the sign.

Let's see 7th Haven. It was once an Arby's and before that an H.Salt Fish & Chips.

Anonymous said...

The jury got it right. State had no proof who, how, why or when.
If you study how you decide what is legally guilty, you will come to the same conclusion. I watched the whole trial, plus I saw other facts that the jury did not know and I still would not convict her. I believe it was an accident which was covered up by Casey and either her father, brother or boy friend.
We may never know.

Anonymous said...

In case you democrats missed this breaking news: Hiring slowed to a near-standstill last month. Employers added the fewest jobs in nine months and the unemployment rate rose to 9.2 percent.

I thought your plan was supposed to be 'stimulating'? hummmmmmm