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Does this look like a man who would try to rob a bank of $1 so he could get free medical care in jail and won't post bond even when it was reduced to $2,000?

Does this look like a "And Another" out of the metroplex? (Although it looks like the student refused her alleged advances.)

Random mug shot.

Oh, my!


Anonymous said...

I hope she is wearing a tube top or electricians tape over those.........

Anonymous said...

Does that read:

Don't Judge Me


Don't Judge These


Anonymous said...

Did someone tell Mr broke dude that if he will show up to the ER they will treat what ails him? He didn't need to comit a felony to get treatment.

Second teacher has got to be thinking "none of the other teachers got rejected, I'm going to prison and didn't get anything but my feelings hurt"

I you make the decision to get "Don't judge me" tattooed accross your chest you're pretty much guaranteed to stand in front of a judge at some point.

Triple Fake... said...

When did they start taking topless book-in photos?

I don't blame the Saginaw student for spurning the advances of the teacher - I wouldn't want to get romantically involved with female Eddie Vedder, either
~Seems like rather harsh punishment just because...Jeremy spoke in claaaaaaassssss today!
~Uh, Miss Jackson, you're mumbling again. Please unclench your teeth and enunciate so we can understand you!

Anonymous said...


Every teacher's nightmare is to have some smart aleck student know how to play the game. I don't know if the alegations are true, I'm sure electronic evidence will come to light, but all it takes is one kid alleging these things to ruin a teachers life. I could not imagine going to work every day thinking about that.

Anonymous said...

It says Here come da Judge!

DF Flip Wilson

Anonymous said...

Bottom picture will not smile for the camera. I think, like most people I see at Walmart, that she has plenty of money to spend on tatoos but all her teeth are gone or stained.

Anonymous said...

Where did the term straight as an arrow come from?

Anonymous said...

I would get lewd with her too .Even in public.

The Backdoor Intruder

Anonymous said...

I would have to see a little more before I could be fair in judging her.

Anonymous said...


Could it be a variation of "straight and narrow?"

This comes from Matthew 7:14. In the King James version of the Bible, published in 1611, he says: 'Strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth to life'. The old English word strait meant tight or narrow but when it went out of use the phrase changed to 'STRAIGHT and narrow'.

5 minutes of Google search. Don't be so lazy.

Anonymous said...

That's Miss Huerta's book-in photo? Where do I post her bail?

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

2:40, I was glad to waste 5 minutes out of your life that you'll never get back.

Anonymous said...

2:40, I'm gonna go with the phrase tight and narrow.