Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Dr. Laura, a longtime fraud, has announced she'll end her radio show. I wonder if her "N Word" rant had her bosses wanting to push her out? And I'm pretty sure she hasn't been on DFW Radio in five years or more. 
  • There were three of my high school friends on my jury panel yesterday.
  • Entourage is really good this year.
  • I can get into a 30 minute TV series but not an hour long one.
  • Brett Favre is coming back (shocking, shocking I say.)  I'm officially wishing failure upon him. (And ESPN's coverage of him going to Minnesota yesterday was laughable.)
  • Our annual Attorney/Cop Wise County Fantasy Football Draft is this Friday. Mrs. LL was not happy to learn about this since she's still in Florida. Good times. 
  • Anybody else just a little shocked when a 12 year old and 13 year old are detained in a double shooting (with one fatality) in Garland? Especially when the 12 year old's mother was the fatality and the 13 year old was the girl's "boyfriend." 
  • Our County Court at Law has two new big screens hanging in the courtroom. My trial yesterday was the first one ever to use them (although it can be a little tense having your laptop hooked up to a couple of big screens.)
  • Yep, I lost. It was a tough DWI case but I hated just throwing in the towel and taking a plea. His field sobriety tests really weren't that bad, but he sounded drunk. And the fact that it was 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning didn't help.
  • And what a horrible jury panel. A lot of folks with cops in their families. Three people that were almost in tears because of a past drunk driving accident had impacted them. But it's the luck of the draw.
  • Motorcycle death in Arlington last night. (Hasn't been as many of them lately -- probably simply too hot to ride.)
  • I heard an ad this morning for Jeff Foxworthy, the Cable Guy, and someone else who are having a show at the AA Center. They actually played Foxworthy saying, "You might be a redneck . . . "  It took all I had to recover my life force that had been sucked out of me. 
  • The McKinney shooter from yesterday (headline below) had this odd quote on his myspace page: "I love guns more than toothpaste." Hmmm. Never really made that comparison.