Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Trophy Club overly-excited city council meeting (something to do with the mere suggestion of disbanding the police force) did not exactly look like the melting pot of society.
  • That Badu chick that got naked at the site of the Kennedy assassination agreed to the maximum fine of $500 and six months probation on her Disorderly Conduct charge? Why in the world would you do that? Publicity opportunity fail.
  • Edit: Link fixed. The crowd at the NY v. NY football game last night reminded me why I wouldn't want to live in NY.
  • "2 boys found dead in car in SC river; mom charged." Anybody else having a Susan Smith flashback?
  • Whatever happened to gypsies? 
  • Heard on radio: Is the term "I'm going to start cracking the whip" (to motivate others) a reference to slavery? Is that also the origin of the term "Cracker?"
  • Is there anyone who caters to the masses more than Texas Sen. John Cornyn?
  • Got home from work and saw a broken beer bottle in the street in front of my home. Couldn't stand it: I swept it up while still in a long sleeved shirt and tie. 
  • I here the example some times of a guy who went to bathroom in public and ended up having to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. I've never seen a case even remotely close to that factual scenario. 
  • Denise Richards still has it
  • Might be a little slow here today -- a DWI trial is calling. 
  • Saw on the news that Pakistan is 20% under water due to flooding? Great. The most unstable place in the world becomes more unstable. Anybody watching the nukes?
  • Edit @ 12:21 pm: Yep that trial is going to occupy my time today.