Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: You guys are right. That pic is a repeat. But I just discovered you are remembering her from February, 2009!
  • Had Wimbledon on this morning and heard the name "Ivan Lendl." Hadn't heard that name in 20 years.
  • I'm really fascinated by the Austin Dismemberment Trial going on (see below.) She's the girl that won her appeal after getting a 5 year sentence. Prediction: She's about to get the maximum of 10 years.
  • Earlier this year, a Johnson County girl committed suicide by driving her car into another vehicle. Well, it's happened again.
  • But I still will never understand how the Medical Examiner gets to make a ruling of "suicide." I understand making a finding of death due to "blunt force trauma to the chest" but making a finding about the mindset of the deceased seems outside of their scope of expertise. They are doctors, not wizards.
  • Britney?
  • I caught the last five minutes of Mike Snyder's last show on Channel 5 last night. It was pretty touching (but they had him alone on the set by then -- didn't get to see Jane's earlier reaction.)
  • That well is still spewing oil into the Gulf and now we've grown bored with it so it's no longer on the news? The word "disaster" is thrown around too easily, but we've got one going on.
  • The Today Show this morning says that Sarah Palin is most likely making $12 million this year.
  • I'm on vacation next week, but I've been working on some automated "Best Of" posts. That's harder than doing this every morning.
  • This week, the last person incarcerated by the Tulia Drug Task Force Scandal had his conviction overturned. As naive as I was during my term in the DA's office, realizing that any and all multi-agency Task Forces were bad news might have been my most enlightened moment. Never trusted them.
  • There will be a Hurricane Fiona this year. Complete list of names here.
  • Edit: The Psychedelic Furs were at The Granada last night. That, I'd like to see.