Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I had to replace a garbage disposal last night. Well, at least I tried. I remember doing it 20 years ago and it took me about 45 minutes. This time it took me two hours just to get the old one out (rust is not your friend.)
  • Is there any purpose to the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan? It's just another opportunity for Senator grandstanding.
  • Former Evil Empire great Cedric Benson was arrested again yesterday (bar fight). After a BWI arrest and DWI arrest a couple of years ago, I thought he had cleaned his act up with a resurgent career at Cincinnati. Hey Cedric: Don't put yourself in bad situations.
  • The media's coverage of a tiny hurricane about to hit Mexico gives me Tired Head about the rest of the hurricane season.
  • My marital status change is about to cause a three bedroom house in the Lipsey Edition in Decatur to go on the market. Not sure what the current appraisal is, but it might be around $120,000 or so. About 2,100 square feet. Huge back yard. Good neighborhood. Before we go the traditional selling route, drop me a note if you might be interested. Edit: Email me at blog2[at]wisecounty.com
  • The Vuvuzela Horn twitter feed is ridiculously silly yet funny.
  • Shout out to Decatur lawyer Mark Howell for dropping off some home grown tomatoes. Maybe my favorite food in the world.
  • One thing I left out about Vegas: The number of Asians visiting that place is amazing.
  • Tom Hicks was drawing a $180,000 salary from the broke Texas Rangers? As much money as he's made (he still lives in the most expensive home in Dallas), was it all worth it to have your reputation drug through the mud in the end?
  • AnObiter got stung by a Wise County wasp and swelled up like Oprah Winfrey.
  • Channel 5's Mike Snyder will have his lost last broadcast on Thursday. Get ready for an epic meltdown between he/him and Jane.
  • Steve Carrell leaving The Office.
  • If actually been doing Billy Blanks Tae Bo routine and it's not bad. Except I (1) have no rhythm and (2) always refer to him as Billy Blaze in honor of Night Shift. (Whatever happened to Michael Keaton, by the way?)
  • Mavericks President Donnie Nelson is going to Germany to tell Dirk Nowitzki that the team loves him and would love to re-sign him. Really? They have to kiss up that much to him even after paying him $18 million last year for another failed season?