Don't Get Used To Posts Like This

Ok, let me tell you what I did this weekend. I got married. Yep. Legal and everything. She's already looked for a loophole, but I've got this deal wrapped up tight.
We had both done this, uh, "wedding thing" before and, in our eyes, that ruled out a big formal ceremony. So what's the opposite? Vegas. The Little White Chapel. Schtick. Fun. Tenderness.
The Famous Little White Wedding Chapel may be one of the cheesiest and sweetest places in America. But at first glance you have to say to yourself, "Look at that place! You call that romantic?" I don't blame you for thinking that. I certainly did once the limo dropped us off there.
Of course, things got much better when the soon to be Mrs. Liberally Lean walked through the door and the staff said, "You look like a Barbie Doll!"
But the minister was the sweetest, grandfather type you've ever seen who had worlds of advice and treated the ceremony with dignity, respect and reverence. There's actually about three chapels in there and we, for obvious reasons, ended up with one of the smaller/intimate ones. That guy was so great. Doors shut. Nice music in the background. Beautiful flowers everywhere. Never before have I gone from "I'm not so sure about this place" to "This is the greatest moment of my life" in such a short period of time.
And then we topped it off with a photographer who unintentionally sounded just like Borat. He put the icing on the cake when he told Mrs. Liberally Lean (who wonderfully tricked up the event by wearing a tiara to complement a gorgeous dress), that "You 'ave funny 'usband."
As were were getting our pictures taken outside, a tourist couple walked by and immediately stopped down to watch us. During a quick down time, we asked them where they were from. They told us "Columbia" and I, for some reason, blurted out, "I just watched a documentary on Pablo Escobar!" That prompted the couple to look at each other with a confused look and Mrs. LL to look at me with big eyes and fire off a quiet, "What's wrong with you?"
The wedding was absolutely, 100% fun. And that's the way it should be.
(More detailed observations about the weekend later.)