Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Dallas/Fort Worth's population grew by 25% over the last 10 years according to preliminary census numbers. That explains traffic.
  • And speaking of traffic, have you tried going through Grapevine on 114 on weekends? That construction project is going to make a mess for months. Or is it years?
  • Movies that look dumb: Grown Ups and Knight and Day. Movie that has received tremendous reviews from everyone: Toy Story 3. (I've never seen the first two.)
  • I don't mind Obama calling Gen. McChrystal on the carpet for comments he made to Rolling Stone. I'm just not sure it should be such a public rebuke.
  • I'm not sure I've ever known of anyone who had a subscription to Rolling Stone.
  • Another thing I recorded last night that is getting rave reviews: ESPN's 30 on 30 about Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar and the cartel's connection to the Colombian World Cup Team in the 1980s.
  • I dread seeing my electric bill this month. And my water bill.
  • I know you guy's don't care about soccer, but the Nigerian guy who missed a goal at point blank range yesterday was epically funny.
  • Somebody email me or send me a comment I won't publish telling me what happened to Lance Costner, 52, formerly of Bridgeport, who is listed in the Messenger's obituaries this week.
  • How in the world did this weekend's crash that killed three in Wise County not make the local metroplex news?
  • Crazy Fort Worth Walmart story: Guy tries to steal TV, employee tries to stop him, employee ends up hitting his head on the ground and dies.
  • If a 13 year old cannot legally consent to sex, can she be prosecuted for prostitution when she solicits an undercover cop? Goofy question? Well, the Texas Supreme Court decided that issue last week.