Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Let's see, can you pick out the hottest judge on the Texas Supreme Court? Hey, now.
  • I recorded last night, but haven't watched, Gasland on HBO which I think is a documentary on natural gas drilling. It's been getting lots of press.
  • That son of the Dallas Police Chief who killed two people over the weekend sounds like he was one disturbed individual. (He ended up killing an innocent guy and then killing the cop who was the first responder.)
  • And Fox 4 said last night that someone at the apartment complex took a cell phone pic of the first guy that was murdered and uploaded it to the Internet. That's beyond ghoulish.
  • Being know as the police chief whose son was a "cop killer" isn't exactly an enviable position.
  • This heat isn't as intense as the Summer of 1980, but its got some similarities right now.
  • Holy cow, I just saw the photo of the car that was occupied by the now three dead individuals in last night's Wise County crash. (Scroll down on Update.)
  • But in the description of the story at the top of the Update, the word "cranium" seems like an odd use of the word.
  • After listening to Greg "The Hammer" Williams return to radio on The Fan for the last handful of weeks, it sounds like he's going to be all right. (But what's with that late afternoon show? Sounds like a couple of guys from Philly who just say stupid things to rile people up.)
  • I always buy little tomatoes that are packaged in a red mesh. In an undisclosed grocery store not in Wise County yesterday, I picked one up which also had packaged within it a dead baby mouse. Yep. Dead. Baby. Mouse. (I'm pretty sure it was not on the list of ingredients.) In order to avoid seeing some housewife scream bloody murder, I took it to a clerk and told him he might want to get rid of it. He wasn't as shocked to see it as I was which make me thinks those guys see a lot of weird things.
  • I took a picture of it.
  • Channel 8's Cynthia Izaguirre's nose ran into a garage door that is keeping here temporarily off the air.
  • Crazy thing about World Cup soccer injuries: They immediately run two guys onto the field with a stretcher who plop the injured player (or faker) on there and run him off. It's very Benny Hill.
  • I've had lots of clients over the last year that were out of work due to the oil field going bust. But I've noticed more than one tell me they'll be going to work in Pennsylvania where drilling is booming. Pennsylvania?
  • According to the Dallas Morning News twitter feed, they are about to report on a 9 month old that was seriously injured last night while riding a motorcycle driven by a 12 year old. Good grief. Edit: Wow. They retracted it. No serious injury and no infant.
  • If I don't get an "A" for this golden Random Thoughts edition from commenter/grader/mystery man "Jim", I'm filing a protest.