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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Eight and 2/3 innings into a Perfect Game last night when the first base umpire blows the call and then admits he blew the call: The game should have been complete with the last guy out at first base. But the "purity of the game" prevents MLB from doing anything about it today.
  • I think there was a huge wind gust outside of Rhome last evening. Saw one of those big green TxDot signs down as well as a car upside down in a ditch very close by.
  • I've watched a person use Skype but have never used Skype -- because I don't have a need.
  • I think Texting While Driving might be worse that Driving While Intoxicated.
  • I haven't had a speeding ticket in over 20 years. I'm a fan of cruise control.
  • Had a client recently who didn't mind a short jail sentence as part of a plea bargain just so long as I could "get the start date delayed until after deer season." Done.
  • I'll admit that I've always been a little confused by Israel/Palestine/Gaza/West Bank/Hamas.
  • "LOS ANGELES – Police are looking for a porn actor suspected of killing a colleague and injuring two others with a sword that was used as a movie prop." Sorry, that's just one heck of a lead sentence.
  • Former W Press Secretary Dana Perino is going to get herself kicked off of Fox News if she's not careful: She actually tries to be fair and balanced. (She told Sean Hannity he was being to harsh in his criticism about Obama and the gulf oil crisis two days ago.)
  • Former megachurch pastor Ted Haggard said Wednesday that he will launch a new church from his Colorado Springs home, 3 1/2 years after he resigned from his ministry amid an embarrassing and devastating sex scandal involving a gay hooker and meth. I watched a fascinating documentary on the scandal once and, although not shocked to see that his former church fired him, I was shocked to see that he was "banned" from attending the church altogether.
  • There's a new restaurant trying to open on the courthouse square but the P&Z Commission in Decatur didn't have a quorum to vote on it's liquor license request. Come on, people.
  • I think someone told Fox 4's morning gal Lauren Przbyl to lighten up a bit and smile.