Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not going to beat you down with college football conference realignment talk, but what is going on is insane. I'll remember this week forever.
  • Jury duty: I have to go back for the actual jury selection process this morning. And the judge is someone who started work in the Tarrant County DA's office on the very same day as I did 20 years ago.
  • In the central jury room yesterday, they played a generic "jury service is good" film before everything got started that included movie clips. But I almost screamed when the first clip was of a jury foreman saying, "We find the defendant incredibly guilty." Way to taint the group.
  • My fellow potential jurors laughed at a My Cousin Vinny clip where the judge asked, "Mr. Gambini, are you on drugs?"
  • The panel did not laugh at a Jim Carrey movie clip where he played a lawyer and objected to his own question. For the moment, my faith in humanity was restored.
  • I tried to work out with a Billy Blanks Taebo DVD last night for the first time. I was flopping around like a fish.
  • Yeah, I'm probably going to abandon The Spin. I'm thinking about just posting Messenger headlines on here every Sunday and letting you guys write it for me.
  • I jogged this morning and came upon my normal park but it had eight industrial sprinklers going. After avoiding the first two, and realizing no one was around, I did a 180 and then ran through all of them. It was one of those "your life is about to change" kind of moments.
  • Flashback I heard: "Ultra Sheen and Ultra Sheen cosmetics."