Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I think there's a felony DWI trial this morning in Decatur district court where the defendant is going to plead guilty and "go to the jury" for punishment. Should be interesting to see if they give him any leniency for admitting guilt.
  • The trial had been intended for a guy who allegedly shot and killed another in the head but he accepted a 20 year plea bargain yesterday. I don't remember that case at all. Chico?
  • The Rangers selected a high school senior in the first round of the baseball draft last night who has already signed a letter of intent to play football for Georgia Tech. But he's going with baseball. I would have loved to have had that decision to make at age eighteen.
  • I go crazy every time I see an update on the gulf oil spill. It's getting bad and will only get worse.
  • Obama also wants to know "whose ass to kick" in connection with oil spill. (And Channel 5's Kim Fischer thinks that comment is "full of AWESOME!")
  • But there sure are a lot of nut cases getting press on how to clean it up. Dry ice (CNN). Hay (Fox News.) It's one thing to clean up oil out of a bucket during a demonstration, but it's a heck of a lot different to clean up a 100 miles of that stuff.
  • Is it possible to see more commercials about investing in gold? And why would I want to do it now that it's at an all time high?
  • I purchased a workout DVD. I got an "order confirmation" immediately. I got a "purchase confirmation" the next day. And I got a notice of "your order has shipped" seven days later. Really? You boys have trouble finding it in the warehouse?
  • Baylor's new president Kenneth Starr held a press conference yesterday about the Big 12 situation. He must not have changed much because it caused a CBS sportswriter to fire off a blog post entitled "Baylor's President Wastes Our Time." But at least he's just wasting time now instead of $40 million in taxpayer money on silly investigations.
  • WBAP's Hal Jay this morning making a wheeze laugh joke about Ranger Nelson Cruz: "Does he have a brother named Pablo?" (That was a "joke" in order to reference an obscure 1970s band. What's the demographic of WBAP again?)