Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday was the craziest day ever for college football realignment. Current status, Nebraska to the Big Ten; Texas A&M listening to one last pitch by the SEC; Colorado taking the initiative and bolting to the PAC 10; Texas, A&M, Tech, OU, OSU, expected to get invites to the PAC 10; Missouri, which started it all by public statements, may be ignored by all; and Baylor, ironically, "left behind."
  • And writer Chip Brown of Orangebloods.com was like Woodward and Bernstein in breaking the story.
  • We were in a flash flood watch yesterday and didn't get a drop. But to the south and to the east to they almost drowned. And I suspect at least one person did drown.
  • Chilling headline: "Taliban executes boy, 7, for spying."
  • I've got jury duty in Fort Worth this morning. I might fire up my Twitter account if the observations are worth it.
  • I'm a stadium fan. I'm trying to be a World Cup fan. That's probably why I enjoy this youtube video created by Google showing 3D computer animations of all 10 World Cup Stadiums. Cool.
  • Someone mentioned the other day that the iPhone was no big deal. I disagree. It was life-changing-technology for me. And all the versions of the Android will do the same.
  • I'd be a great juror.
  • The border patrol agent who shot a Mexican teenager appears to be lying. The greatest deterrent for lying cops in the future won't be civil rights lawsuits or the exclusionary rule, it'll be cell phone videos.
  • There was a wrong way driver on 183 in Irving last night which resulted in a death. Other than the Tollway, this seems to happen on 183 more than any where else.