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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • In the Ranger's game yesterday, some player tipped a ball that dribbled about four inches in front of him. Ranger's play by play man Josh Lewin quickly said, "That's a peach, hon!" (A Caddyshack reference.)
  • I saw a campy movie on cable this week called "Rx." Not bad.(Kids go to Mexico to get drugs. Situation goes horribly wrong.)
  • Finally saw "Baby Mama" this weekend with Tina Fey. That was pretty funny.
  • Final movie thought: Everyone keeps telling me to see "Seven Pounds."
  • Oops, one more: I like it when people think they know me well enough to suggest movies to move. It also tells me a lot about them when they suggest something that there is no way I'd watch it.
  • Local blogger writes about lost love. Very well done.
  • As of last night: Miss USA 2009. Hey, now.
  • Saturation Point for Susan Boyle: Exceeded.
  • Did you see Hugo Chavez hand a book to Obama during a photo op? That would be a tense moment for anyone since the book could have been about anything.
  • I think the local news channels underestimate the entertainment value of segments like "Whatever Happened To." I love that stuff.
  • I refuse to watch anything involving Donald Trump.
  • I snuck down to the Main Street Arts Festival for a bit this weekend. It is almost too crowded to enjoy.
  • I saw one large funky painting that I liked so I looked for the price tag. Found it. $3,500. I walked away, dejected.
  • Over the past few days, DPS completely changed its criminal history reports that cops use in the field. Except they forgot to tell the cops about it.
  • Went through the self check-out line at the grocery store last night only to discover I left my wallet at home after I had scanned everything. Then I had to deal with a clerk who was like one of the characters out of "Idiocracy."


Anonymous said...

Check out the photo and notice the handshake when Obama received the book from Chavez. Notice Obama is pointing to the cover of the book with his index finger. Obama uses hand gestures that are unusual leaving some to think he is sending messages.

Regardless of body language professionals opinion, this is not how people shake hands. Since he can't say "go buy the book", perhaps a more sutle message is to point to it!

In my opinion he was too cozy with the dictator who hates America. But he has a life time experience, beginning in his youth, of association with left wing anti-American haters!

If Obama chose to open talks with a South American dictator, there is a better protocol on how to do it. Being overly friendly is sending the wrong message to the world!

All of this after he released CIA reports on how we got information from terrorists after 9-11. And the same week Homeland Security notified law enforcement to watch out for returning veterans from Iraq!

Well at least it looks like no veterans will be water boarded by the new leader who is friendly with dictators!

All of this makes our Texas governor talk about possible secession under Article X more appealing!

chupacabra said...

Say what what you want but, if it had been Bush he would have bounced that book off Chavez's fat head.
That would have been cool.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:35

I agree with you, BG, about Donald Trump. It's one of only two things I agree with you on. I still haven't found the other one.

Doug said...

"Anonymous opinions posted on the internet are the guiding points of my life and should be followed by everyone."

P.S. Oops! Did I attach my name to that?

Anonymous said...

How you felt a about dealing with a clerk at checkout?

That's sort of the way we feel when dealing with lawyers, BG.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about Chavez and Obama? I didn't vote for either one of them. I would vote for this chick to remove the rest of her clothing, though. There are several dynamics at work here. Some are general dynamics and some are more specific. First of all, why is Brian Austin Green arm-wrestling someone over this delicious woman's right shoulder? Isn't his 15 minutes way over? Why does this hot piece have such a crappy phone? Is the photo old or is she technologically deprived? When were terry cloth robes last in style? You can clearly see by her naked midriff that she is sweating her ass off (obviously, she hasn't had the robe on too long). Is is safe to be that sweaty with all of the breaker boxes and power cords in the vacinity? Did she purposely cover her cleavage with her curly locks? Her bikini bottom is so low that she may want to consider running a chain through the pulley that is attached to her belly. I am going to go out on a limb and say that her inner thighs are extremely smooth. There's so little space there that you could run a Shar Pei through her wickets and it would come out wrinkle-free on the other side. I haven't seen a toe that big since I saw a barefooted Big Tex awaiting assembly at the State Fair. Can a woman get a yeast infection from wearing drawers that are that tight? The thought of bread rising, instead of something else, in my Hanes is enough of a concern for me that I would have to pass on this J-Lo starter kit. guinness67

Anonymous said...

Main Street is becoming a little crowded, especially when people bring their dogs and "camp out" in the street, clogging everything up because kids want to pet the dogs. I love dogs, have two, but would not think for one second that everyone walking down Main Street needed to meet them. And if I did, I would stay up on the sidewalk area, not down in the stream of shoppers. Even the smokers usually have enough courtesy to step away from the tents and stand over on the sidewalk area.

wordkyle said...

BG - You do realize that the grocery clerk is blogging about the customer he dealt with who was like one of the characters out of Idiocracy, don't you?

Anonymous said...

I should have used "vicinity" and not "vacinity". I'm better than that. Not much. guinness67

Anonymous said...

The word is SUBTLE....not SUTLE

Propagandist said...

Sir, you're the one who went to the grocery store without your wallet.

Anonymous said...

Didn't your mother already tell you to quit doing the black and tan so early in the morning?

That was some funny chit man

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Wise County Park overcrowded?

That's why Mitchell's is sooooo cool.

Anonymous said...

Although I would never suggest a book &/or movie to you, I did take your lead and bought a copy of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel A Confederacy of Dunces. Incidentally, there is a book recommended by when you purchase the book called Ken & Thelma: The Story Of A Confederacy Of Dunces by Joel L. Fletcher that is a companion book. It has a good rating.

Anonymous said...

and by all means never watch the movie The Departed........
it will really mess you up

Jarhead said...

Barry, I think you'd like Brokeback Mountain.

Anonymous said...

He should Jar. You and he are staring in it.

Anonymous said...

If you guys don't tone down the rhetoric Mr. Magurk is gonna cum back and blow you away with his superior vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

Anybody see Obama's new buddy, Mad Dog Dinner Jacket from Iran, and his racist rant at the Geneva racism conference?

Wow, Obama's "let's just all get along" policy really impressed that poor misunderstood guy. He only wants to kill all Jews, after all. It's not like he's a bad guy or anything like that.

Here's a thought. If we just apply Obama's logic on the local level, we could quit incarcerating those misunderstood bad people and just have some dialogue. That will surely make them act differently, won't it?

Well, now I gotta go work on my tunnel. Digging is so therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

While I'm certainly not in favor of exterminating all Jews, might I remind you they were one of the unfavored groups that the Klan attempted to exterminate? But it seems it's ok for the Klan but not for Iranians, right? Guess it’s convenient being a hypocrite, right?