The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Vice Presidential debate is tonight. I've decided Sarah Palin makes me tense when she talks.
  • Republicans have every right to be up in arms that Gwen Ifill will be the moderator of the debate. (In case you missed it, it has been learned that she is the author of an upcoming pro-Obama book.)
  • Highway 287 going into Fort Worth seems to be deteriorating at an increasing rate. It seems like there is a crew replacing a huge junk chunk of concrete almost every day.
  • Sign that Major League Baseball has no idea what it is doing: If you live in Boston, your game against the Angels didn't start until 9:30 (and, heck, it might have been 10:30).
  • The Dallas Morning News has an article about how MADD is excited about the possibility of legalizing sobriety checkpoints in Texas. The same old Liberties Sacrificed vs. Do Anything To Save Lives arguments can be found in the comments underneath it.
  • I've gone from jogging on a treadmill to jogging outside. I started a movie (In Bruges) on DVD three weeks ago and it's in limbo until I get back on the treadmill.
  • I bought Texas/OU tickets. And I'll be sitting in the Evil Empire section.
  • All Oklahoma has to do is beat Baylor this weekend and Texas beat Colorado for both of them to meet the following week unbeaten and in the Top Five. Saturday may be the first time in my life I've rooted for the Longhorns.
  • It's kind of hard to find pictures go at the top of Random Thoughts. As Bill Blazejowski said in Night Shift, I've got to "push all the way to edge of the envelope, and then bring it back a little bit." Edit: Some of you PREEE-verts out there claim that girl in the back is topless. I'm sending the pic into the lab for analysis. I'll get back to you on that.
  • Had this email just pop up: "I am a pretty blonde girl, eager to meet an interesting man for some virtual chatting by email or Skype, or dates in reality!" Looks like I'll be a little bit busy today.
  • Saw a news video yesterday of a man in India who dresses up as a monkey to scare off monkeys at a train station. Not a bad gig.
  • The new First Financial bank at 51/287 in Decatur is in a good location. But the property next to it, which has been vacant since the Wise County Coop moved off of it over what seems a decade ago, is even better. Anybody know the asking price?
  • Heard someone refer to the new Cowboys Stadium as the "Y'all Mahal." Clever.
  • Phil King and Mike Huckabee were supposed to have some love fest in a Fort Worth hotel this weekend (and by that I mean a reception/fundraiser), but I never heard anything about it.
  • It's always weird how this time of year that my my lawn stays green but stops growing.
  • Tiffany is 37 today. And I know who Tiffany is.
  • And "Pedro" from Napoleon Dynamite, one of the greatest actors of his generation, is 35 today.
  • The George Foreman grill is a great invention. But you better scrape off the goo while it's still hot or you have some baked on goo for next time.
  • If I were married to Kelly Rasberry of Kidd Kraddick fame, I'd spend all my time in a fetal position in the garage.