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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Those kids that allegedly killed the lady in Roanoke (right next to crime free Trophy Club) were stopped in Yankton, South Dakota for curfew violation. They need a curfew in Yankton?
  • I bet I haven't taken any prescription medication in two years.
  • Did Kim Kardashian get booted off Dancing With The Stars last night. That's some big booty discrimination going on right there.
  • Megan Henderson hasn't been on Fox 4 all week. And I don't have her tied up in my basement.
  • Weren't we told the economy would collapse if the bailout bill was not passed last week?
  • Whenever I get an email with "Fwd:" in the subject line, I begin to power down.
  • At least two of three twirlers from Van High School were suspended after they performed to "I Kissed A Girl" at a pep rally. Well, after they were told NOT to perform to that song. I kept getting distracted by thoughts of Nutri-System while watching the story. (If you saw it, you'd understand.)
  • Whenever a "suspicious package" is found, it turns out to a big bag of nothing.
  • Do you think your life has gone terribly wrong if you get arrested in a cow suit? (Thanks emailer.)
  • Saw a lady turn down a 3 year plea bargain offer only to get sentenced to 7 years after a hearing in Wise County yesterday during a probation revocation docket. (Dope case.) Some in the gallery thought it was too harsh. Someone else told me it was too light. I hate the probation revocation docket.
  • And its always a weird sight to see someone in their regular clothes get escorted over to the "inmate section" of the courtroom (to sit amongst the inmates) because he or she is headed off to the hoosegow.
  • Gov. Rick Perry said yesterday that he needs $24 million in taxpayer money to fight gangs. That man has impeccable timing on when to ask for a big bag of money.
  • The O.J. Simpson trial sure if flying under the radar.
  • Listening to Wade Phillips talk drives me insane.
  • Whether it be worn out socks, underwear, t-shirt or whatever, it always feels weird simply throwing them in the trash.
  • New poll: Nearly one in three homes in Texas speak Spanish. Heard a guy on the radio blame Dora the Explorer.
  • In the Rangers "What Went Wrong Year Ending Press Conference", GM Jon Daniels said that the team needs pitching. You think? Really? (And this was being said as former Ranger John Danks pitched the White Sox into the playoffs last night.)
  • When I've opened my garage door over the last few mornings, I've walked out onto my driveway and just want to stand there for about 30 minutes.
  • It would be bad to be a pedophile. It would be worse to be a stupid pedophile: Randall Wolford gets caught in the To Catch A Predator scheme a couple of years ago when the show came to North Texas. Well, he's been picked up again. Do you think that's what his momma planned for his life when she took him home from the hospital and wrapped up in his crib?
  • I always try to buy the same brand and style of socks. Prevents matching issues later on.