Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The debate was a big disappointment. Politicians are too good these days to screw up.
  • But there were a couple of "heavy breathing" moments from Biden. And that lock of hair that covered one of Palin's eyes drove me a little nuts (and kind of jazzed me) there in the beginning.
  • But both wore flag pins to prove they weren't radical muslims.
  • One final debate point I stole from The Ticket this morning: Both candidates should have to wear shock collars so that once they deviate from answering a direct question they could be zapped with a pretty good jolt of electricity.
  • If you're a long time DFW resident (and I mean loooooooong time), you'll be interested to know that former weatherman Warren Culbertson has died. I hadn't thought of him in 20 years.
  • While you were sleeping: Wachovia abruptly broke up with suitor Citigroup and eloped with Wells Fargo.
  • Lindsay Lohan is at the beach in Mexico with her girlfriend. Even I'm tired of seeing those pics.
  • When Wells Fargo took over the old bank in Decatur, there were a ton of complaints about the bureaucracy that was implemented. (You'd stand across from a teller who had know you for 20 years but they had to see your ID.) But people got used to it.
  • McCain has pulled out of Michigan. (Kerry won the state in 2004).
  • Anybody else get the "hypothetical" email yesterday about why membership in a local church would be denied to a couple but that same couple would be welcomed in heaven after being run over by a Chaney truck? (Not sure why Chaney got thrown under the proverbial bus.)
  • For two days in a row, I've had someone in my office come back to me and say, "Someone is up front and they want to talk to you about something that's on your blog." That will give rise to some brief tension. (Both times it turned out to be nothing involving violence.)
  • Stock quotes no longer to be printed in the newspaper.
  • I noticed Bridgeport finally received some votes for the 3A Top Ten football poll but still hadn't cracked the top ten. It doesn't help that the guy voting for the Dallas Morning News left the Bulls completely out. (Can't find that proof online right now.)
  • In this month's issue of the Texas Bar Journal, they reprinted a funny deposition excerpt I sent in to the magazine in, gasp, 1990. A pdf of it is here. (And it reminds me of what a beating it was taking worker's comp depositions.)
  • I learned that I was ever so briefly considered as the moderator for the proposed debate for the Wise/Jack County District Attorney's race between Gerald Hartley and Greg Lowery. That would have been great. First question: "Tell me how you feel about a gay woman who is considering an abortion so she can go fight the terrorists in Iraq."
  • By the way, the debate was canceled when some basic ground rules couldn't be agreed upon. For example, one candidate wanted the other candidate to agree that he wouldn't mention his endorsements.