"Quickie Vegas Wedding Ends in Bigamy Charge for Texas Man"

Let me get this straight. This man gets fed up with wife #3 so he marries his girlfriend in a quick and romantic little ceremony in Vegas, and now the great State of Texas is persecuting him? First you can't knock on a door in Trophy Club, and now love is apparently illegal in the Lone Star State. What in the heck is going on?
Montgomery said he filed for divorce that same month -- although it's unclear if it was before or after the ceremony at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas. He said he had been separated from his third wife about four months. "I wish they would go after real criminals instead of people who fall in love," Montgomery said. "I know what I did wasn't right. But when me and Tiffiney met, I had never loved anybody in my entire life the way I love her. You can't find love every day like this. She is a wonderful woman."

Montgomery said he has been unemployed for five months and cannot afford to hire a lawyer. But he could not explain why he did not wait until he was divorced before marrying yet again.

"I wouldn't change nothing," he said.

This may be the saddest thing I've ever read. I've got half a mind to move my practice down to Waco to help this man pro bono so that he can share the kind of love with Tiffiney that only a man can share with a fourth wife. He's right. You can't find love like that every day. It's a hard road to get through those three good-for-nothing spouses before you can find the love of your life.