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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The Ticket said this morning that there was a guy in the end zone during Cleveland's field goal that read "Dime Negro." No one knows what it means.
  • I'll never understand how our government can bail out entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when it doesn't have any money to do so
  • I watched some of the Video Music Awards last night, but nothing really exciting happen (except for the English accented host imploring the crowd to vote for Obama during the monologue.)
  • In the last two weeks, I've had to replace three of the six lights that make up my tail/brake/signal lights. Something ain't right.
  • Cowboys looked great. T.O.'s touchdown celebration was odd (mimicking a sprinter getting into the blocks.)
  • Every Big 12 football team won this weekend. That's the first time that's ever happened.
  • We've got a report of a Fox 4 Lari Barager sighting at the High Sheriff's wedding
  • I guess it's the cross country team in Decatur that I see jogging before dawn around town. They now have (wisely) little red lights that they can clips to their clothing.
  • Fertilizing lawns in Wise County causes Eagle Mountain Lake to smell?
  • Some how this blog got mentioned by a speaker at the 2008 Advanced Criminal Law Seminar.
  • My new secretary starts today. I've been three weeks without.
  • I bought an entry level GPS device (manufactured by Tom Tom). Holy cow, that thing is great. But it's a little creepy.
  • Smeared lipstick is always interesting.
  • Craziest news story of the morning: "A 19-year-old man dies after crashing his pickup truck through a fence and into a home's swimming pool in Coppell. The truck came to rest upside down in the pool making it difficult for rescuers to pull the teen from the cab."
  • For some reason I always have to raise the blade on my mower this time of year in order for the lawn to look green.
  • I just downloaded Ron Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto
  • New England's Tom Brady is expected to be gone for the year due to a knee injury. Here's the cover of the Boston Globe today. And here is a very short and very funny youtube clip of the guy that hit him him (from Hard Knocks a couple of years ago.)
  • It's good that we have a change of seasons. Just the slight coolness in the air in the morning this time of year is a welcomed change.
  • I've got Sarah Palin overload. (But a funny campaign sign here.)
  • My fantasy football teams (two of them) are absolutely awful.


Anonymous said...

Overload on Palin? How do you think most of us were feeling about the media's non stop coverage of Obama since the primary season started? I can't get enough of this woman. To her credit, the latest weekend poll (USA Today/Gallup) has McCain 54% to Obama's 44%. What a giant bounce!

Anonymous said...

Sweet cans!

It would be hotter if Lindsay were a lesbian and dating someone who is actually good-looking.

Anonymous said...

My Dad got a Tom Tom for Christmas. He said it was Sh*t Sh*t and took it back.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is racist. Read his "Ron Paul Letters" that supposedly not written by him. Only his signature is on every one.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that whether we are discussing Obama/Biden or McCain and Palin, that we can't just talk about the people, the issues, and really get down to the truth as is best for our country. We never have been able to and I doubt we ever will, but it sure would be nice. Too many differences on what is really best for our country. Kind of like discussing religion and both topics are lit dynamite, just waiting to blow up.

There definitely IS a liberal media, extremely biased FOR Obama. That's a shame too, as they should be neutral in their reporting, but they did it against Hillary too in the Democratic primaries. This includes the three major networks and their offshoot affiliates like MSNBC. It's so obvious and blatant that it's really pathetic and they don't seem to care.

Anonymous said...

The Decatur Cross Country girls team is looking great! They placed fifth running in the 5A division at the Marcus Invitational in Denton, Saturday. Let's hope for success at State this year!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Some how this blog got mentioned by a speaker at the 2008 Advanced Criminal Law Seminar."
Seems appropriate. This thing is criminal on so many levels

Double Fake "Racehorse" Haynes

Anonymous said...

Your grass is getting ready for winter (if you've been watering enough so that it's not just dying) Broadcast the cheapest fertilizer you can buy at about +10% the recommended rate and water it in real well- in the spring broadcast weed n feed, your yard will look awesome.

Infinitely Fake Jerry Baker Decaturs Master Gardner

wordkyle said...

Palin gives Republicans someone to vote for, rather than just against Obama. Although there is a lot of polticking still left, McCain's choice of Palin seems to have worked so far. According to the most recent USA Today/Gallup poll, "McCain leads Obama by 54%-44% among those seen as most likely to vote."

BTW, McCain's ten-point lead is hardly mentioned anywhere in the mainstream media. They have to kill that momentum, don'tcha know.

Anonymous said...

Although 8:22 already touched on this, the "Palin overload" statement is telling.

I was thoroughly beaten down by the medias chosen one- Obama.

Now that there's hope I want to hear more about Palin and haven't been hearing enough.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, if Obama was ANY body else he would not have lasted 15 minutes, the media would have taken them to task instead of issuing him a pass and he would have been routed a long time ago.

Don't believe me? Watch how they are going to treat Palin.

Anonymous said...

Barry, Obama should be your overload. We have to look at him everywhere. Scroll down and you will see him again.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay is a sweet girl who although has endured her share of hard times she has given so much to the world through her movies. I'm just glad she finally seems to have found true love and happiness and wish her the best.

Tina Truwell
Somewhere In The Heartland USA

Anonymous said...

"...English accented host imploring the crowd to vote for Obama during the monologue.)"
I didn't watch, so I don't know the context or intent, but it always amazes/annoys me when foreigners get involved in elections here. And they always want us to vote for the Democratic candidate.
I have seen the host, Russell Brand, on talk shows quite a few times. He is funny and quick-witted, but that doesn't mean I will take his advice concerning the upcoming. If he wants to voice an opinion, he should follow Craig Ferguson's lead - permanent residence and citizenship. I haven't seen enough of him to know which way he leans (not that it matters), but at least he is a naturalized American (and proud of it). Kudos to him. He is qualified to speak out if he wants to.

"I've got Sarah Palin overload."
As opposed to Joe Biden, the stereotypical yawn-inducing VP choice. The Democrats' celebrity candidate is being upstaged, and now they are howling about how Palin is getting too much exposure.
And I just knew McCain would get a bounce after the RNC, but hadn't heard about it til now, in this blog. That sounds like media bias
I'm just sayin'

just a normal conservative said...

"Palin Overload"! Come on, our girl is going to be the bestest VP ever! A degree in communications-journalism from Univ. of Idaho is exactly the type of education we need as the next leader of our country!

Well...that...AND the many life experiences gained during the Miss Alaska Pageant.

She is ready for Iran! Go Sarah! Drill Baby Drill!

Anonymous said...

dime negro= 10 black dudes

Anonymous said...

send us a picture of your new secrtary. she better be 'good'.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Dude/Chick with Lidsay is going motor boatin? Looks like Lilo is built for speed.

Anonymous said...

OK folks who are so enamored with Palin - any guess why they won't let her answer interviews from the press? They have her sequestered learning what she thinks. (She’s now got a scheduled softball talk with Charlie Gibson coming up.)

Have you hear Palin's prepared speeches? She repeats the same phrases over and over. She was against the Bridge to Nowhere (after she was all for it). She was against earmarks - although she happily acquired some $28 million in earmarks as mayor. She said that she put the state's jet up on e-bay (correct but it didn't sell). They then sold it for a $600,000 loss to a Republican supporter of Palin. McCain still can’t understand that she did not sell the plan on e-bay "for a profit." And both McCain and Palin are arguing to eliminate Roe v. Wade - and eliminate a woman's right to decide for herself whether to end a pregnancy.

Palin is certainly photogenic and can read and deliver a speech. However, I'm not at all convinced that she's the most capable person available to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Palin needs to study up more before talking to the press...

"McCain's running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, speaking in Colorado Springs, Colo., said Fannie and Freddie had "gotten too big and too expensive to the taxpayers." The companies, however, aren't taxpayer funded but operate as private companies. The takeover may result in a taxpayer bailout during reorganization."

Oh well, maybe she can get someone else to do her thinking for her (not a sexist remark as McCain also needs speechwriters to think).

Adolf Oliver Bush said...

From the smelly water link:

Dick Fish, president of Save Eagle Mountain Lake, a private, nonprofit group that acts as a watchdog for conditions at the lake, said that the group is concerned about water quality and that the problem can’t be fixed overnight.

Dick Fish talking about smelly water...REALLY???

Jarhead said...

I'm bitch-slapping the next person to use the following media words/phrases:

"in the tank"
"a heartbeat away from the presidency"
"I approve this message"
"The Fed"
"pundit" or "punditry"

...and finally, you'll earn a bitch-slap and a kick in the shin for combining the first names of any celebrity couple i.e. "Brangelina" or "Bennifer."

That is all.

Carry on.

wordkyle said...

113 - Wow, all of that Libspeak in one breath. I'm impressed. A lot of unknowable information -- I admire your sources -- a lot of assumptions, and of course the ultimate representation of Liberal Democrats, abortion.

Obama so believes in abortion that he voted to allow minors to cross state lines for them, without their parents' knowledge, much less their permission. Obama's privilege of abortion also extends to refusing human rights to babies who were born alive, but who the mother intended to abort. He takes a pretty strong stance on a subject that he describes as "above my paygrade."

Your doubts about the Republican VP candidate are identical to our doubts about the Democrat Presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

Here noodnicks- if you love Obama you are no lover of facts and rationality I know but, I'll try this anyway.

"New numbers released this year show Murkowski spent more than half a million dollars on travel in his last year in office, revised upward from earlier estimates.

The state Department of Administration figures show that in Palin's first year in office she spent less than $115,000 on travel, less than any governor in recent years.

The biggest factor in the decline was the sale of the jet, which cost $1,689 an hour to fly."

The difference Alaska realised in the sale of 600,000 dollars is between their PURCHASE price and the RESALE price.

When is the last time you bought a car and sold it for the same amount after putting all the miles you wanted on it for over a year?

The thing DID NOT sell on Ebay.

I don't know anything about that particular aircraft but, Westwinds were stopped being made in the late 1980s ('87 I believe)so for all we know when that deal was brokered that aircraft may have been 'broke off' in the guy that bought it.

Regardless, that sale prevented more good money being thrown after bad with annuals,storage and upkeep.

She has already saved her state more than the sale price difference by travelling cheaper than any other governers in the history of Alaska (specifically the one she replaced)

If you want to blame someone for that 600 grand, blame Murkowski.

To recap kids:

1)The "loss" was the difference between paid and resale price.

2)It wouldn't sell on Ebay.

3)If you can't reach a buyer on Ebay...

4)She has already saved her state more than the difference anyway.

5)So, every cent spent to keep that thing (even grounded would be thousands of dollars per year)would be wasted and every minute of time it would have been kept would only add to it's depreciation and ultimately unsaleability.

So, I'm sorry- where's the controversy?

It's business and aviation- both of which I know a little about.

When I have a question about welfare, repeating baseless accusations from liberal blogs and baby killing, I'll come back here and ask 1:13

Anonymous said...

Speaking of planes and +/- a half a million bucks, that's what Obamas campaign spent to refurbish his 757.

Anonymous said...

CSPAN carried the 2006 debate for Alaska governor this morning. Very interesting. Seemed to be knowledgable about the Alaska issues. One question was about the funding for the 3 miles of road to the Bridge to Nowhere - she was for it. A second question had to do with how to fund the government if there was a big shortfall. Options: income tax, sales tax, or use the income made by the reserve fund from its investments. She chose the Sales Tax.

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady was my fantasy quarterback - ugh!

Anonymous said...

"She chose the Sales Tax."

Ding ding ding- She chose correctly, good going guvnah!