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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, at least that Galveston sea wall will finally be put to good use
  • Baylor was to have a rare televised football game tomorrow, but it's been moved to tonight. According to the Waco Tribune, the Bear's opponent from Washington State will make the "1,490-mile flight to Waco before playing later Friday night."
  • Isn't the "Obammy" reference just a tad bit racist?
  • Other football note: The Houston Cougars moved their home game against Air Force to SMU for tomorrow at 2:30. It won't exactly be a hurricane at that time, but that wasn't exactly moving the game out of the path of the storm either.
  • I actually watched a full episode of Hannity and Colmes two days ago. How you guys can stand that nonsense is beyond me. And that Colmes guy is the equivalent of a battered spouse in a room full of guys wearing wife beater T-shirts.
  • Watched the oddest movie the other Day: Sex and Death 101. Two of the main stars were the even odder combination of Winona Ryder (who was smoking hot) and Mindy Cohn (Natalie from The Facts of Life.)
  • Someone said to me yesterday, "It's kind of hard to judge how popular Obama is nationwide when living around here, isn't it?" True that.
  • Two TV shows I liked that no one has ever heard of: Dream On and Herman's Head.
  • Remember to "get behind" the Barnett Shale.
  • Saw a couple of people using this cool site to track Hurricane Ike yesterday
  • I wouldn't mind living in a high rise condo in Houston this weekend.
  • Caught most of Sarah Palin with Charlie Gibson last night. Some of her answers were wheels off, but she held up pretty well. And what else could she have said when asked if she was ready to be President of the United States?
  • I don't think I've ever used the acronyms POTUS or SCOTUS. Seems a little pretentious.
  • I really don't know how strong Hurricane Ike will be, but I have to admit the thing is big.
  • Gas prices have risen in the metroplex by 15 cents in one day. I heard it on two radio stations and then witnessed it late yesterday with my own pair of eyeballs in my own head.
  • Of all the pictures taken these days, I wonder how many actually end up getting printed?
  • The 9/11 conspiracy nuts, some who apparently post here, are . . . well . . . nuts. And they all worship the documentary Loose Change (which I learned through that Wikipedia entry has been "re- released" in an "installment [which] is a completely new film; using almost none of the same content appearing in the previous Loose Change versions." I watched the first one.
  • I still can't say enough about the iPhone
  • The "garage door" comment from yesterday was a repeat. That's a bad sign.
  • I used to use "[sic]" in some of my entries when I quoted material that had an inaccuracy. It, in essence, means "the error you see appeared in the original text and I'm smart enough to know it's an error." I actually saw the Messenger use it a couple of times but not lately.
  • Based upon the courthouse and visitor center American flags being at half staff this morning, September 12th must be a day that will live in infamy that I was not aware of.


Anonymous said...

Denny Crane will owe me 1 grand when the election is over. Your correct that he does not understand two things.

1) How popular Obama really is in America (Thanks to the Geo W. ideology)

2) How crazy Palin is .... (Wheels off) McCain should have done a better job with his choice. The "Hey Now" card can only carry you with the dumb hill billy gang so far.

wordkyle said...

Obammy is quite racist. However, all the references to John McCain being old are ageist, so it's tit for tat.

I have used POTUS and SCOTUS, not to be pretentious, but because i got tired of typing out the references. Especially when referring to the 2000 election, differentiating between the Florida Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the United States was important but exhausting -- thus the abbrev.

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned the Messenger let me vent a little.

It is sad that the past editor has written more editorials since he has left than the current editor. Brian’s only editorials have been explaining technical problems that had occurred the week before

And Skip, come on. Vote for the best person not the ticket.

I wish they would also cool the left wing crap or at least provide alternate views. Do they not know who their readers are?

I would love to see more coverage about what happens in our local government. Unless you attend all the meetings you are pretty much in the dark.

How they win all those awards is beyond me!

Anonymous said...

"Cocky" ? I don't know if that turns me on or not.

OK it does.

Anonymous said...

I too have to vent about the Messenger. The front page story about the priest who has been accused of abusing a boy 30 years ago ! This should have been in the paper, but not on the top half of the front page. The Catholic Church did its' part in reporting and investigating.

Roy, you be ashamed !

Anonymous said...

The Galveston seawall will actually be a hindrance. After the storm surge, it will keep the water from flowing back out to the gulf.

"Remember to "get behind" the Barnett Shale."
I'm on top of it, dude!

Cocky? Yes, thank you for noticing

Happy weekend

Anonymous said...

Parker Lewis Can't Lose

Anonymous said...

I remember Herman's Head. The girl who is Bart's voice (right?) and the checkout girl from "City Slickers" was in it. And maybe Ross' lesbian wife?

Anonymous said...

How popular is Obama in other parts of the country? I doubt he will win many rural voters but will do well among blacks and very liberal well off voters. Also, he will do well with the elite and among the hard left.

Obama's economic policies will take us deeper into debt and his mail out of welfare checks to the 40% who only pay payroll taxes will do nothing to create new jobs. New jobs are created by small businesses who taxes will be increased under his plan.

Obama is not popular in rural areas because he is too liberal on social issues and will only tax and spend on changing the country beginning in every precinct. He hasn't told us what he means by that and why Michelle Obama thinks our country is not good enought as it is.

Government will not change the world for good; only good people doing good deeds can make the world a better place. We don't need government for doing good things.

And I love Hannity because he was the only one who told the true story of Rev. Wright's dangerous preaching of Black Liberation Theology which is Marxist.

No person who really loves their country could stay in that church for 20 years unless they agreed with the Anti-American rants!

Character, love of country and good judgement must be considered and John McCain wins on all three.

Sarah Palin has character, good judgement and courage. She is a proven executive and not a part of the good ole boy crowd in Washington. A difference of opinion on Pro-life is not important enough for a large number of women.

On November 4th, the people will decide the direction of our country. I think it will chose McCain/Palin for national security, economy and conservative soical issues.

As a Democrat, I urge other Democrats to put their country first and vote for McCain/Palin.

Anonymous said...

used to watch Parker Lewis Can't Lose, too. that big guy (the clerk guy )from ER was on it. what the hell was his name on ER?

Anonymous said...

In Sarah Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson, she hopped, skipped and jumped around most of his questions like a seasoned politician. I hate that - just come out and say what you mean. At least Palin knows the difference between Russia and the Soviet Union. Obama still calls Russia the Soviet Union. He needs a geography lesson.

wordkyle said...

To my own displeasure, comments like 827's still pique me. I should know better by now.

Not to disrupt your Liberal fantasy world, but in the latest polls more people view McCain favorably than they do Obama.

Liberals have misjudged Conservatives across the board. They tried to make a big deal out of Governor Palin's pregnant daughter, thinking Christians would react angrily at the Republican ticket. Liberals were puzzled when instead the reaction was understanding and kindness.

They also misjudge the reason for Governor Palin's popularity. It's got nothing to do with "hey now" -- McCain's choice shows that the Republicans still have some fight in them after being politically inept for so long. Conservatives finally feel that they have a voice in the national debate.

The Liberal lack of "understanding" is obvious from the chaos on the Democrat side as they try to figure out how to deal with Governor Palin and the suddenly-adept Republican campaign.

Anonymous said...

The conspiracy is "real".You fly into the WTC buildings and we will go over to your country and kick your A__ then it will look like a legitimate war!Pro Wrestling is also real!The problem is the muslim extremist,they tie those rags on their heads extremely tight,thats what makes them extremist you know...well it cuts the circulation off from thier brains and makes them friggin idiots.We have a present for you osama a .50 cal dipped in pigs blood!Gonna send it airmail!USA!USA!USA!USA!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember Herman's Head, but I do remember Max Headroom!

Anonymous said...

If a person wants the best for our county, our state, or our country, they will always vote for the person and not the party.

I also agree that The Messenger is in the toilet and Skip still seems to have a great amount of influence (way too much) for an EX employee. You might even think that what he had to say in those editorials really influenced anybody. does NOT!

Anonymous said...

A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote for G.W.

Annon @ 9:18 (Brenda)~ I also wanted Ms.Clinton as the Pres and or V.P. and I still think she would have been a better choice.

But with that being said ... Its all about J.O.B.'s and the working man. The republicans know that and that is why they have jumped on the "We are gonna change Washington ~ Bullshit". Bottom line ... If America is happy with were we are now then they need to vote for a Republican. If you want to restore the middle class and start living the "American Dream" then vote Democrat. I do not think Obama is to liberal but I do know the Republicans have destroyed the economy and the blue color worker with it.

Dont vote ...

and Gays

Do Vote ...

Your paycheck

Anonymous said...

At least Gov. Palin answered the questions instead of studdering, stammering and claiming the question was above her pay grade like the "Chosen One" did!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

10:13 you may need to see a doctor..seriously !

Anonymous said...

9:23 you are dumbass

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest to the readers of this blog the web site for your perusal.

If you, like me, would like to see the US of A pursue a variety of energy sources to meet our current and future energy needs, consider joining.

After all, if you are behind (or above) the Barnett Shale, you may want to get behind other sources of energy too.

Thank you for your consideration.

Double Fake T. Boone

Anonymous said...

THE economy is NOT destroyed!!

What's wrong with you people?

You must have eyes and a mind or you wouldn't be posting here.

Use them for something beside broadcast news, TPM, Huffington Post and Countdown With Keith Olbermann.


PS If you are in Texas and think the economy is bad, I don't know what to say-we are in a BOOM.

Please think for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

To 8:34 AM--the reason the Messenger wins all those "awards" is because none of those "journalism" awards seem to include ACCURACY as a requirement! Isn't that strange that the modern media celebrates everything EXCEPT accuracy and truthfulness? What a sorry state our media is in.

Anonymous said...

I vote GOD, guns, but I don't like me no gays.Gays kinda like obammy somthin just aint right??

Mathimatical explanation of why gay doesnt work:
___ + ___ = 0

O + O = 0

O + ___ = :)

Anonymous said...

Obammy is rascist? That was a good one Skippy. Now we are being told that the term community organizer is Republican code word for black. You weenies crack me up. Can you please put out a list of words that can't be used because they are rascist? I guess dragging Palin through the mud is not sexist.

Anonymous said...

Any conscious human being that has reached voting age has to question the grilling of Palin for Vice-President while Obama gets a pass for no experience whatsoever for President. The media is ridiculously bent left or is totally inept....perhaps both. Obama is obviously popular among populations that require no specifics on anything. He is the personification of an empty suit.

Anonymous said...

stupid niggers !

Anonymous said...

Ah, Max Headroom, still very good-checked it out on Netflix a few months ago. Ocassionally, the idea of a movie is still brought up especially with the improved technology of today.

Anonymous said...

McCain said recently in a speech, "empower parents with choice" - pertaining to their children's education. I agree with him on that.

Does the warmonger think the same choices avail themselves to women and abortion?

Anonymous said...

9:19 do you mean Jerry on ER?

The sheeple trying to justify their vote with economic arguments scare me. None of the candidates (I'm counting Palin and Biden) know jack about economics.

Anonymous said...

DF T Boone:
I tried to recommend T Boones' plan on this blog a while back and got blasted for it. Seems lots of folks have hard feelings about him, so they ignore a good idea of his. He was on Leno the other night, saying we should convert all of the country's truck fleet to natural gas, and start seriously weaning ourselves off foreign oil. Does that sound familiar? He is advocating the exact same plan as McCain. More solar, wind, natural gas, and our own petroleum supplies. Can't recall if he was in favor of more nuclear, but he is right about this. Let the OPEC bloc hold the rest of the world hostage.
We have a nation full of extremely bright, creative, innovative people. The hurdle is big oil, automakers, and the mindset of the American consumer.

Jarhead said...


Let's work out a time and place for you to receive your bitch-slap.

"suffice it to say [you have said] one of the words the Knights of Ni cannot hear."

Anyway. Re: the broad in the picture. She really can't be "cocky" with those skeeter bites.

Anonymous said...

1116 you left out the biggest hurdle...corrupt politicians..!

Anonymous said...

skips editorial influenced me, so you are wrong.

OHAMA baby!

but this stuff about the WCM, it really has gone down hill. there is more sports in one issue than there is news in 6 issues combined.

* big rape story in chico
* a 9-year old photographer won a state championship for her work
* a fire in chico last night
* they mentioned in the back of the paper about the new boyd high school but not the football stadium
* have ignored the new hospital in bridgeport (and im from decatur) and all the neat stories from there such as first baby like they do EVERY year at WRHS
* no story on the enrollment of each school in each school district like skip did when he was here
* nothing on the fatal wreck in boyd last weekend
* nothing on the superintendent search and title 9 update in alvord
* the price of gas in decatur jumped 30 cents this week (and why is this) and no story in the paper
* what other road work can we expect besides the work being done right on from the of WCM office?
* nothing in yesterday's paper about 9-11 remembrance (maybe more than 4 people would had been on the square for the prayer had they know about it)
* whatever happened to the people in paradise who lost their homes to the wildfires?

....i could go but im getting tired head. love or hate skip, he ran a god ship and made his crew work to bring us what we wanted - whether we liked it or not (fatal wrecks to columns to feel-good stories about the people who may live next door to us)

Anonymous said...

11:37 What about the rapes in Chico. I live there and have heard nothing. Have been hearing about several break-ins around the school--break into the homes late at nite and steal from the elderly. This is scary

Anonymous said...

So what does [SIC] stand for?

Anonymous said...

Skippy, Still waiting on a list of rascist words that can't be used.

Anonymous said...

All you Dems keep dreaming just like Obammy is. I will do this.....I will do that....I will, I will, I will, I will, I will. Sheeeesh.

Sounds like a scam artist. Too many promises from anybody should tell you to run the other way.

Anonymous said...

SIC stands behind the McCain/Palin ticket.

Anonymous said...

spelling incorrect..1244

Anonymous said...

The only ones "get behind" and "Barnett Shale" really mean anything to are the surface owners.

Anonymous said...

Most of the readers know the national polls don't mean anything. The latest poll from Ohio out today has white men running from Repub ticket. Obama up by 5 points.

Anonymous said...

9:18's comment is not a Democrat, Good or otherwise. While SHE calls herself one, Real Democrats know the difference.


Even (sic)"Good Republicans" are too ashamed of the current policies that in order to win an election, they must distance themselves and steal the very ideas from Democrats about reform of a failed government. I sometimes wonder what the average Wise County Voters are thinking and why, but then I must reflect and ask how could it be their fault with the coverage offered by the local papers. They are not very informative on issues. Issues like Water, Animal Shelters, health Departments, Nepotism, Bad County Roads, Lack of enthusiasm to gain Federal and State funding meant to improve our county, Ect.

As a reporter, I personally would not stop trying to get answers about the Animal Shelter Debacle until I found out about why there was a misappropriation of the funds dedicated to maintain and/or approve it. In case some haven't noticed, we still don't have one yet and no updates either. Are we still using, the (sic)"just shoot 'em" policy or what?

Anonymous said...

Some would say that the mind of an average Wise County Voter would be realized by the postings on this blog, but after reviewing most of the profiles of the constant posters, it would appear they are

1.) Not average
2.) Not from Wise County

Even Barry in past blogs called it "awkward" when discussing "Blogs" at a recent Lion's Club Meeting when he was the fill in guest speaker. He said most didn't even have a clue what he was talking about.

Anonymous said...

'Sic' is not short for "spelling incorrect" - common misconception - it doesn't always relate to spelling. BG had it pretty much correct with his definition. All it means is that the quoted work is being passed on as is, without correction.
from Wikipedia: a Latin word that means "thus" or, in writing, "it was thus in the source material in Sic Semper Tyrannis (thus ever to tyrants). If you can use a computer, use it to learn something once in a while

Jar: I will take the skeeter bites any day. Some women say size doesn't matter. I agree

11:35 I stand corrected. It isn't necessarily politicians who are corrupt, just politicians in general that want to keep the status quo (more Latin for ya'll out there - feel free to look that up if you don't know)

Triple Fake Maximus Erectus

Anonymous said...

Excuse me 1:40 pm, but aren't the "Surface Owners" the ones that LIVE in Wise County and therefore are the ones affected? I know that only surface owners have the right to vote and change policy makers that have lately made bad policy decisions. Just saying, who COUNTS more in Wise County?

Buckwheat said...

I thought it meant "Bitchin" of "Phat".

Anonymous said...

Yes, it can stand for "spelling incorrect" but only if being used by a teacher to grade a paper, not in the context of this conversation

of course, there's hot sic(k), as in "Bleeaaahhh!"

Anonymous said...

Barry, please do your magic and cause all post that include the words Obama, McCain, Palin, Biden
to go to the back..........spare us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Erectus, I think you are a turdjar(sic)...!

Anonymous said...

2:24 - Some good points. The local paper needs a reporter that will keep our elected officials on their toes. Instead they tend to point out in a negative way anyone who criticizes the status quo.


No to BO

Anonymous said...

11:37 you are so on. I appreciated Skip's influence on the Mess. And, what great story ideas you have.

Anonymous said...

Woedbile .... Would you like to get in that 1000 dollar bet? You seem so smart !!!

I bet not .... All Boots & No Cattle !!!

Anonymous said...

Cheese and Rice-- repubs & demos -- the U.S Constitution & the Communist Manifesto. Read and learn! You stupid Mother Fathers. Tied down in Houston. 1 of a C.ast O.f C.haracters

Anonymous said...

When reporters of the local paper are "threatened" by the local law enforcement..... (happened a few years back) then one can understand why the local media doesn't always report what it should. Of course, the reporter has now moved out of the area....but the one who threw the threats...... still here. More goes on than you all know... it is sickening!

Brian Knox said...

I see I and our paper have become a topic of conversation here among a few posters. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite anyone who has comments or questions about me or the Wise County Messenger to my new blog at

It has been created as a way to better communicate with readers. And judging from some of the posts I've read, we need to work on some of that communication.

Anonymous said...

Skip is a Vietnam Veteran and I heard him speak once about that experience. It was very emotionally draining for him and his words came straight from his heart.

Anybody who would criticize this man for anything he writes is just simply an idiot.

And the Wise County Messenger is a top notch paper and NO, I don't work there!

wordkyle said...

754 - Put the bet into terms that make sense and I'll consider it. I don't even know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

When I was in the jungle all I could think about was getting back to the world.

When I was in the world all I could think about was getting back to the jungle.

Anonymous said...

Not bad 4:46 - not bad at all.

Sad, but likely true.