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Friday Night Football Pants Party

Liberty Christian 36
Decatur 34
Decatur now questions their faith
Bridgeport 37
Prosper 31
All six Morning News predictors picked Prosper. Upset in the shadow of the home Deion Sanders
Valley View 6
Alvord 21
First play went for 90 yards
Glen Rose 27
Boyd 33
Boyd claims winless streak had just been "misunderstanding"
Washington St. 17
Baylor 45
Singing: "I smell national championship!"
Aubrey 7
Paradise 17
Edit: Oops. Left this one out earlier


Anonymous said...

Think Decatur score actually 34 LC Decatur 31.


Decatur/LCS game was a nail biter. Evenly matched teams..just ran out of clock despite the timekeepers best efforts.

Looking forward to hosting DHS next year!

Anonymous said...

Decatur should be worried of the two Green brothers when the Big Sandy rolls around!

Anonymous said...

Bridgeport will Pee down their legs when they see the BLUE machine roll into town

Anonymous said...

Gotta leave out Paradise's big victory....

still-dorothy said...

Richland Rebels 21

Birdville Hawks 13

This one was AWESOME! Rebels are now 3 and 0!

Hoo Tee HOOT!! Bridgeport football was fun to watch all those years ago (our own Bruiser was #35) but 5A ball is something else all together...

Anonymous said...

The "Blue Machine's" defense looks broken? Bridgeport will send the buzzards home with a good dose of humility this year!

goober said...

A cautionary note to all you Wise Co. teams in that local 2A dist:

1) "Alvoid" is about to run out of wimpy 1A schools to play (they only have Windthorst and Sacred Heart, a TAPPS 2A, left), and

2) "The Joe Cartwright Show" is pulling out of the station. (You don't win 2 state championships in one career w/o having "something on the ball")

The Prawn said...

All the good football was on Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta this morning...though the best is tommorrow for sure...COME ON YOU TOFFEES!!! Let's go Everton!

Anonymous said...

If you're a Bridgeport fan, why do you talk crap every year when you just know you're gon'na have to eat it after the Decatur game? It's to the point now, that even if you did have the better team, they're just going to choke it away based on tradition.

Anonymous said...

OH, I bet the DHS fieldhouse this morning was full of "what the hell happened?" questions!

Anonymous said...

How bad does your life suck if you know there is a "soccer" channel?

I have no stake in either Big Sandy team...but this year the bulls finally beat the hated ones... and it could get ugly.

Jarhead said...


Decatur probably went in to that game with the same attitude that A&M had when they played Arkansas St.