Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I get Tired Head when I hear the radio announce it's 80 degrees at 7:00 a.m.
  • Someone sent me a link to a pole dance instructional video on youtube. That lady is a better athlete than I ever was.
  • Former local district judge John Lindsay used to refer to exotic dancers as "go go girls."
  • Former weather gal Rebecca Miller has been filling in for Hal Jay on WBAP this week. That lady is more of a beating than he is.
  • There was a guy in Garland who was having copper stolen off of his air conditioner units on the roof of his business. So he had his son camp out on the roof last night and, guess what, he kills a guy who allegedly came to steal more copper. Seems a little extreme.
  • The Dallas Observer article on The Ticket's Hardline breakup may be one of the most fascinating things I've ever read.
  • "Lost Dog" flyers stabled stapled to telephone polls poles depress me. (Edit: Yep, that was bad.)
  • It seems that if a guard rail gets damaged on a highway that TxDOT immediately puts out cones and signs that say "Guardrail Damage Ahead." Like we would plan on hitting the guardrail if we weren't warned of the damage?
  • Biggest complaint of the police from my clients: "They didn't read me my rights." Response: "They don't have to unless they are taking a statement from you."
  • I bought a college football magazine at the self check out line in Walmart last night. (Me loves me some self check out lines.) The purchase was flagged because it needed "store approval." I have no idea why. Not a single girly picture in it.
  • Incredible: Some 18 year old kid gets locked up and had his picture plastered all over the local news yesterday when the Lake Worth police claim he delivered cookies to them laced with marijuana and LSD. Then yesterday the Medical Examiner's office said, "Uh, nope. Nothing wrong with the cookies." But they still haven't let the kid go. (Sheesh.) And I wonder if WBAP's Mark Davis will apologize for calling the kid a "punk" yesterday.
  • Every now and then you'll see a flatbed trailer go down the road with a totally wrecked vehicle being hauled on it. I always want to know what happened to the wrecked vehicle and if the driver was seriously hurt.
  • Dark prediction: I bet we will hear of Paul Harvey's death sometime in the next six months. (He hasn't been on his little radio show in months.)
  • In crimes that are real, a high ranking Wise County law enforcement official sent me this link this morning. It doesn't have anything to do with Wise County, but it is pretty shocking. Baby launching is bad.
  • I was an emergency fill in speaker at the Decatur Lion's Club yesterday. Topic: The Blog. Number of people in audience that knew what I was talking about: Probably four. Awkwardness level: High.
  • The headline on the Drudge Report yesterday afternoon concerned comments that Jesse Jackson made about Obama. The headline read: "Cut His N**s Out". I that were a Wheel Of Fortune puzzle, I would have failed. I had no idea what the offending word was. I finally figured it out this morning.
Edit: Copper thief referenced above was not carrying a weapon. Nice.