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I Didn't Even Have It On As Background Noise

Last night. Bottom of the ninth. Two outs. Rangers behind. On the mound was some guy who can throw a baseball over a mountain because he has 36th saves this year. No pitcher in the history of Baseball Ever has had more before the All Star Break. And then it happen. Reformed drug user Josh Hamilton tells the reliever to "say 'ello to my leetle frin." Enjoy it while you can. Major League Baseball is aware of copyright laws. And uses them.


Jarhead said...

That music from The Natural always gives me chills.

And let that be a lesson to all you "anonymous" posters out there... kicking your drug habit(s) will lead to great things.

lovelit said...

Sweet...moments like that are what make baseball great.

And interpretive spellings such as "say 'ello to my leetle frin" make me laugh:)

Anonymous said...

Saw it...loved it
You would have thought they just won the division they way he got mobbed at the plate.
I'm telling you (again) if they can find a way for the pitching to keep pace with the formidable offense, they can make a run at it. They just need to keep beating the div. rivals.
And at the post-game interview, Wash said: "How 'bout them Rangers?" (with a big goofy grin on his face) YEAH! When was the last time anybody said that without being sarcastic?

And Jar - love you, man - but not all anonymous posters do that, or was that tongue-in-cheek? You cheeky monkey!

Anonymous said...

great moment for a seemingly great guy and a for a emerging team. Go Rangers! Let's meet at the maypole under the harvest moon!!

Anonymous said...

Cheeky mokey-I had forgotten that one. I hereby dare myself to use it on the next person I talk to. Oh crap,I need to go to the store. I hope I don't get pulled over, cause I'll do it.