I'm Off

(Picture taken last year. I like that.)

During this quiet week for The Blog, please waste time visiting those fine blogs listed to the right.

  • Anobiter's Blog - A smart little ditty with a tad bit of High Toneness
  • Jarhead's Blog - Well, you know. Careful, he'll bust out an AR-15 on you.
  • Lovelit's Blog - Almost too sweet to be on here. A 20 Something literature teacher.
  • Silicone Alley's Blog - Man, that thing is R rated sometimes. Visit with caution.
  • R and R's Blog - She'll throw down a shocking post as well.
  • Bag Of Nothing - Some pretty good stuff from a former country boy.

And anyone else I don't have time to mention (yep, go give WordKyle some love).

I may post a pic or two during the week but no promises. My therapist suggests I step away from the laptop.