My Head Just Exploded

For the life of me, I don't understand this guiy's popularity. I love talk radio. I love talk shows. And some can be somewhat entertaining (Bill O'Reilly or Nancy Grace) even if I completely disagree with them. But Limbaugh's show is one thing: Boring.

He refuses to take calls from people who disagree with him, so you never hear a rationale debate. It's just ditto heads calling him up so they can talk about how much they agree with each other.

And if you folks who love his show think for a moment he believes everything he's selling, you're a sucker. He knows there's a right wing huge audience out there that are nothing more than sheep. And those folks just eat up stuff like "Let me tell you a secret folks. Those Liberals want to take all of your money so they give it to people who won't take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that this country offers. The Liberals hate this country. They even want the terrorists to win in Iraq for their political advantage." Sheesh. It's mindless generalities. Every. Single. Day.

But he knows that's what the masses want to hear. And he'll say it forever. All the way to the bank.

(Thanks to the commenter on another post who brought this to my attention because he knew it would put me over the edge.)