Random Monday Night Thoughts

  • And to think that the most comments ever received (in the Comment Moderation Era) would be a post that began "I'm having Internet issues at the office."
  • I could eat Mexican food every day. 
  • I saw an ad for a contemporary Christian music compilation on TV and it really looked pretty good. Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and some groups that seemed familiar. Then the TV ad told me that they would slash the price from $19.95 to $9.95 if I "called within 10 minutes." Of course, if I call anytime I can get it for $9.95, and it felt odd to be lied to in connection with Christian music.
  • I would never go to Branson, Missouri.
  • I don't think I ever remember two movies cracking the $50 million barrier on the same weekend. But it happened this week. And that Indiana Jones movie is an eyelash shy of the amazing $300 million mark - and I've nothing but bad things about it. 
  • Has the economy ever seemed more fragile? The stock market has plunged, gas prices at an all time high, the mortgage crisis, air travel is becoming unaffordable, and food prices are becoming alarming. Then again, the public is still going to the movies.
  • Whatever happened to that kid from The Sixth Sense?
  • During the last "energy crisis", Congress lowered the speed limit to 55 mph to save on gas. I haven't heard that proposed at all this time.
  • And that was an example of Congress imposing its will on the states by utilizing a legislative trick. Congress can't control state speed limits so it simply said it would withhold federal highway funds from any state that didn't comply. Somehow that's legal. (That's also why every state lowered it's DWI alcohol concentration level to .08,)
  • I wouldn't be a coach, teacher, or school administrator. Seems like a constant beating of politics, parents, and crazy kids. Except the summers off would be cool. 
  • Giggle.
  • I like "bullet points."  
  • Legends become stronger with the passage of time. Case in point: The Spaceman in the Aurora Cemetary.
  • They are hard to find, but an incredibly crazy book about the story of Boyd's Ricky Lee Green is called Blood Rush.  I lent mine to someone in the county about three years ago but I can't remember who it was.
  • Most TV weathermen appear to talk without a teleprompter and with the graphics constantly changing in the background. And they are generally stutter or misspeak free. I think that would be hard to do. 
  • I heard that we crowned a new Miss Texas USA over the weekend. That pageant, along with almost all pageants, have seemed to fallen off of our radar.
  • Not sure what I think about this: If you have a family member who was killed on a state highway due to an drug or alcohol related incident (whatever that definition may be), you can pay the State of Texas $300 a year to put up a marker at that location.
  •  I've been fairly satisfied with Embarq internet services at the office, but being down for three days (and still down as of this morning) is not a good experience.