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Freak A Leek

This girl allegedly did something incredibly freaky at the PIKE house in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Story here. (And it deals with the privates, so discretion should be exercised.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I need UPS to get my Cowboy jersey, panties and bling here today!!! I'm starting to see tweek's, dogs and monkeys and it's only Friday.

Anonymous said...

So that's mzchief? I heard she was a freak, but nationwide? I'd burn more than just the couch.

mzchief said...

To anonyNOTHING 1:08...

No doubt, YOU will NEVER have NEED to burn a sofa because a woman was on it sans clothing.

Even on YOUR BEST day and MY WORST and with ALL your wishful thinking in the world and yet it would NEVER make me enough of a freak to be interested in you. It is NICE to know even people like YOU have hopes and dreams and HIGH standards.

Thanks for letting me know you STILL have me on YOUR mind, it means that I am STILL in control of YOU.


Anonymous said...

So the freak you are is in control.