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Long Story On The Dangers Of Gas Wells

Jerry Holsworth, manager of Midstream Operations, a division of Devon Energy Corp., a major Barnett Shale player, admitted that having so many wells going up is a cause of concern. “What we’re seeing is that with all this drilling, veteran crews are being divided and filled up with people who have no experience whatsoever working rigs, laying pipe, and such,” he said.

Fort Worth Weekly Story here. (Couple of references to Wise County in it.)


TXsharon said...

Especially note the part about the well water turning brown.

Might be a good time for our commissioners to require the mapping of all pipelines in Wise County.

Please visit Wise County Democrats the Active ones and take Action to get the oil and gas exemptions eliminated by writing, calling, and faxing the members of the Texas Natural Resources Committee

Anonymous said...

If your poking holes your bound to explode at some point!

Anonymous said...

I have a company that just drilled a well in the middle of my hayfield. That is after they said they would put it in the pasture. They have not yet fraced the well or run pipelines. Does anyone know an attorney that is willing to take on these drillers? It is a small company.

HHL said...

first, if i was this guy's in-house counsel, i would have had the mother-of-all conniption fits upon reading this.

second,txsharon: i respect and applaud your propensity to take action against real or perceived injustices, but... we need oil and gas. if some of it has to be extracted from our backyard (so to speak, i hope), then that is simply one of the prices we pay for driving our cars and heating our homes, etc.

when a company acts irresponsibly, in a manner detrimental to the public health and welfare (like Mitchell, once upon a time), we have people like Mike Simpson & Co. to put the smackdown on them. a couple of $100mm+ judgments will quickly cause the offender and others in its market segment to take notice and reform their ways.

Anonymous said...

I agree there are things about the oil & gas industry that need to be changed for safety and other concerns. But for the most part everyone in the area benefits in some way from the economic impact. It may be the diesel they fill the trucks up with, groceries they buy, trucks purchased, clothes, boots, or the money donated to the local communities. The economic impact is tremendous for everyone not just the ones who own the wells.

Anonymous said...

The same problem exists at the gas plant between Bridgeport and Runaway Bay. MANY inexperienced workers! MUCH potential danger.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the tone of the article - that some inexperienced people are working the rigs. Far too many seem to be very uneducated white-trash type of folks. They get high pay but don't seem to have the IQ necessary to make rapid, correct decisions that might be required in emergency situations.