Concert Lifetime Review (Idea Admittedly Stolen)

1. Boston. (1976). I was 15 years old and went at the last minute with my high school buddies to see the band at the Tarrant County Convention Center. We bought tickets from a scalper and paid below face value: $8.00. (I am not making this up.) 2. Journey (3X). I was obsessed by them. Each appearance was at Reunion Arena and Loverboy opened up for them once. Greatness. 3. The Jacksons. (1981). Reunion Arena. This was, in essence, the Jackson 5 with Michael doing both the old stuff and new stuff. In retrospect, the show was outstanding. 3. Kansas. (1982). Reunion Arena. The band's lead singer was long gone but they didn't mention that in the advertisement. The arena was 1/2 way closed. 4. ZZ Top. (1986). Reunion Arena. My girlfriend got sick on the pot smoke and started crying when some guy groped her in a crowd. 4A. Amy Grant (1982). The concert was at some outdoor complex in north Dallas near LBJ and Coit. Nice venue. Nice show. I loved the girl I was with but she hated me. 4B. Kenny Loggins. (1987). Same outdoor complex. This was some organized event by my high tone Dallas law firm, but it was most memorable because of my girlfriend drinking one wine cooler and becoming drunker than Cooter Brown. It was the closest to the Bruce Willis "Blind Date" movie that I ever experienced. 5. Paul McCartney (1989 - I think.) Texas Stadium. I love the guy but my seats sucked so bad that I never got to enjoy the show. 6. Rolling Stones. (1990). Cotton Bowl. I was never much of a Stones fan but the show was good. The biggest memory was of how they only had one entrance open on both sides of the stadium which led to a very scary crush of people. Guys were putting their girlfriends on their shoulders to keep them from being crushed. 7. Garth Brooks. (1992). Reunion Arena. You know, not bad. 8. New Order. (1991). Smirnoff Music Center. My girlfriend suggested it about three hours before the show - I knew nothing about them. But I have never seen a concert morph into a dance floor like this experience. Top notch. 9. Restless Heart (1992). Billy Bob's. Maybe the only country concert I would ever dream of going to. It was great. And I'm stunned I haven't gone to a concert in over a decade.