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In commeroration of 9/11, CNN is broadcasting on its website in "real time" what it showed on its TV station on that day. It's just like you had turned on CNN on 9/11 at the moment you click on the link. If you click on it at 7:02 p.m. tonight, it starts as if it were 7:02 p.m. on 9/11. You can't fast forward. You can't rewind. But it's pretty fascinating. If interested, go to CNN and click on the link seen above. Edit: There also appears to be a couple of links to watch the first three hours of the coverage. Edit #2: I went back and watched CNN's coverage of the first 30 minutes and it was fascinating. I'd never seen CNN's coverage and now I know why: They had cut to a WABC the local New York affiliate at the time. But is was sheer chaos. One witness actually referred to the second aircraft as a "small airplane with a propeller." And no one would speculate that it was an actual attack. I remember Charlie Gibson say at the very moment of the second plane, "This appears to be some type of concerted effort."