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Random Golden Globes Thoughts

  • Keira Knightley is smoking hot
  • Russell Crowe scares me
  • I didn't realize that Drew Barrymore could not afford a bra
  • Chris Rock is funny
  • The "Desperate Housewives" actresses always seem to be "acting" and I think they might really hate each other.
  • The acceptance speech from Steve Carell of "The Office" was very funny (he said his wife wrote his acceptance speech and it was littered with "I'd like to thank my beautiful wife" references)
  • (Sidenote: Rent or Buy the two seasons of the British version of the "The Office". I'll put it in my top five list (easy))
  • Reese Witherspoon seems to really love her husband, Ryan Phillippe. (Although his character from "Cruel Intentions" still creeps me out)
  • I've never really understood Woody Allen movies
  • I love Scarlett Johanson
  • Uh, Brokeback Mountain just won "Best Screen Play"
  • There seems to be a great deal of cleavage on the screen tonight
  • "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is loosing some of its luster. But "Entourage" is great.
  • I didn't know Penelope Cruz struggled with English so much
  • "The Producers", a Broadway hit, looks horrible as a movie
  • Uh, oh, Brokeback Mountain just won an award for best song. We have a liberal conspiracy going on.
  • Anthony Hopkins has quite the resume. But he's looking a little old and tired (as we all will be one day)
  • I still remember when I went and saw Silence of the Lambs on a date.
  • "Crazy people don't set around wondering if they are nuts".
  • I think Clint Eastwood is extremely overrated.
  • I think Geena Davis falls within that category as well (although her acceptance speech of the 8 year old girl tugging at her dress that "didn't really happen" was funny)
  • As the show comes to an end, I've come to the conclusion that it really wasn't that good
  • I've never thought "Will and Grace" was all that funny. But I love the Messing gal.
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman is great, but I doubt many people will see "Capote"
  • Dennis Quaid's quip about how "Brokeback Mountain" is a movie that is about something that rhymes with "Chick Flick" was verrrry uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

as wrong and rude as some of his stuff is, chris rock could be the funniest guy in america

miz.gina said...

All I could think about was OMG how can Scarlett Johansson stand upright!? jeez louise

LoveLit said...

I love Sir Anthony Hopkins. Joaquin Phoenix is one of the greatest actors on screen today, and I will never view Heath Ledger in the same way. Desperate Housewives is dumb, for lack of a better word, and I will never understand the popularity it's gained. As for the show itself...boring. I got a lot of housework done "watching" it.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought Gena Davis' speech was hilarious about the girl tugging on her dress... didn't happen. I've never seen the show - just thought she was funny.

I love The Office and Steve's speech was great. I also love House and was glad Hughe Laurie or however you spell his name is great in it. Very good show if you haven't seen it.

Dennis Quaid just dropped about 75 points in my book with his comment about Brokeback Mountain. I'll bet he'll never be invited back. It slammed the movie and I'm surprised someone accepting awards for the movie didn't address it. I guess they all had more class than Dennis. I thought the movie was wonderful, but I do think Phillip Seymour Hoffman was deserving of the award.

Also love Sandra Oh. She's great too.

Just my random thoughts here......

comment4U said...

You know what? I'm all for Dennis dropping the "chick flick" reference. Want to embrace people trying to live in their skin, Felicity? Fine...embrace that some people actually saw the movie for the gay love story--i.e. nod to what Dennis was talking about--for what it was. That sort of flick.

Sir Anthony Hopkins--standing ovation f/me. Love him. His voice is magic, and his acting is TRUE gold.

Can't wait to see 'Walk the Line' now, and I agree w/Barry--Reese & Ryan seem to genuinely love & enjoy each other. Yay for them.

And, I'm sorry, but Queen Latifah's ode to MLK got on my nerves. If anybody got up and thumped some podium for George Washington, it'd be misconstrued as "too white" or something.

Hollywood....such a PC joke, but d*mn, I love those award shows just the same....;-)

Anonymous said...

when quaid referred to the movie that rhymes with "chick flick" he got no laughs. bet he felt dumb

Anonymous said...

You were right those were random....reminds me of the Muse...what happened to that anyway?