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Google Maps

If you've ever experimented with the maps by Google, you know at the click of a button you can see a satellite view of what your looking at. Target stores, in a genius move, has realized the popularity of this technology and have painted some of their rooftops. Here's an actual satellite pic of a Target store near Chicago. I thought it was a joke when I first heard of it, but no. Edit: Oops. The rooftop art was originally done because the Target was near an airport.


Anonymous said...

MSN Virtual Earth has the best photography of US urban areas. Some of the stuff is very good. Makes one wonder why our government supposedly had such poor coverage of Iraq before going to war. Or did they only show us stuff to back up their preconceived plan for invasion?

Anonymous said...

Several cities near airports sell advertising space on rooftops, including around DFW.

bigcatdaddy said...

I know this is off subject....but, I'm in Arlington and its 1:35am and we are getting some nice rainfall. I hope all of y'all out in Wise County get a nice bit tonight too.