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The Last Time I Sang Karaoke

Video. Edit: I'm so confused by the seriousness of the first two comments


Anonymous said...

An apt analogy for our country. We have fallen off the edge. Our government spies on its citizens, tortures people, kills citizens in non-war zones, and pays the media to spread propaganda. Explain why we are better than any third world country at this point. Think carefully.

Anonymous said...

I agree. If any government can claim that they are "at war" against a specific or non-specific enemy to justify dictatorial powers then our freedoms are at great risk.

slick said...

hey anons what in the heck does this have to do with karaoke and bustin' ones a$$? Ease up would ya!!

Roxie said...

You gotta fight!
For your right!
To Kareoooooooke!

So excellent to find a blog of liberally minded karaoke folk like me'self!

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Dee said...

Hysterically funny!! I'm crying... I laughed so hard!

Oh no, I think I just peeed in my panties!