Appearances Can Be Deceiving

The Dallas Morning News is doing a countdown to the Texan of the Year and #10, named today, was failed Supreme Court nominee Harriett Miers. The paper wrote: "What nobody can deny, though, is that throughout this ordeal, Ms. Miers never let adversity shake her composure." How do they know that? Behind closed doors she may have cried like a baby. And although there would be nothing wrong with having that reaction after being publicly ridiculed, to say that she never lost her composure is to assume we really know our neighbors. Which we do not.


Anonymous said...

Maybe what the meant is that she never lost her composure in public. Is that what matters? I don't know how you act in private, nore do I care, it is how a person acts around other people that matters.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder what she and George did behind closed doors. And I would really like to be a fly on the walls in the Oval Office these days.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the media is controlled or intimidated by the White House. Do not believe anything from either.

Anonymous said...

.....i'm not sure the media is controlled/intimidated by the government.

..it's probably the other way around...

..8:55 - you are right. Don't believe either one..

...how in the world did folks make it before the printing press..

...really fast horses!