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I Want My .....

The MTV Video Award nominees were announced today. Nominated for Best Male Video are: 50 Cent for "Candy Shop," (one girl pouring chocolate on another girl) Kanye West for "Jesus Walks," (Jesus should never be associated with these videos) Beck for "E-Pro," (never saw it) Usher for "Caught Up," (a rapper who understands the white man) and John Legend for "Ordinary People." (boring video, good song) For Best Female Video: Amerie for "1 Thing," (never saw it) Mariah Carey for "We Belong Together," (good song, not sure about the video) Gwen Stefani for "Hollaback Girl," (weird but good) Shakira for "La Tortura" (thumbs up because she has a flat stomach) and Kelly Clarkson for "Since U Been Gone." (thumbs down for strained attempt to be sexy)

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