The Campaign For DA


diga qué?

The latest Arbitron ratings are out and for the first time ever a Spanish speaking station was the most listened to station for those individuals age 12 and over. The List: 1. KESS/107.9 FM (regional Mexican) 2. KKDA/104.5 FM (rap/R&B) 3. KPLX/99.5 FM (country) 4. KHKS/106.1 FM (Top 40) 5. KLNO/94.1 FM (regional Mexican) 6. WBAP/820 AM (news talk) 7. KSCS/96.3 FM (country) 8. KLUV/98.7 FM (oldies) 9. KDGE/102.1 FM (modern rock) 10. KBFB/97.9 FM (rap/R&B)

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