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"I got a stage-five clinger"

I finally saw Wedding Crashers.....verdict: pretty funny but not a classic. (Although some quotable lines will definitely come out of it). Probably the most surprising thing was how hot Jane Seymour looked (yep, that's 54 year old Jane Seymour). We should all age so well. And if your a Vince Vaughn fan (and I am), you have to see him in one of his first movies, Clay Pigeons. He's great in it.


Anonymous said...

I think it will prove to be a classic. Like Ghostbusters and MIB. Owen Wilson is just plain HOT!

Anonymous said...

You KNOW that if those two, Vaughan & Wilson, would let you hang WITH them and pick up chicks at the weddings, you'd so be there.....;-)

Anonymous said...

ooooooh The Wilson Boys!!!YUMMMY