The Campaign For DA


Two Drink Minimum

Although he stands No Chance of winning, former U.S. Rep. Chris Bell announced his Democratic candidacy for Texas Governor via email yesterday. (Two very bad signs there: Democrat and Email announcement). He did, however, come up with a very funny line. He said that Republican Gov. Rick Perry was so inept that he "couldn't lead a silent prayer."


dick said...

I am glad to finally have a polite way to express my feelings for Gov Perry.

wizard said...

...and the ENTIRE Republican Party in Texas. Even with a majority, they cannot pass the basic required legislation for the state to educate the young. How I long for the good ol' days when the Democrats fought amoung themselves and would come to an agreement to allow government to function in the required capacity without six ,seven, or more special sessions and MILLIONS in wasted TAX PAYER DOLLARS!!!!!!!!