Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

A measles outbreak put a Newark church in the national news. It was all just a preview. 

  • Huge kudos to the Wise County Messenger today for penning an editorial going after the Decatur ISD School Board for operating in secrecy and appearing to become beholden to big out-of-towner donors. An excerpt:

  • There seem to be an unusual number of lawsuits filed this year challenging property tax appraisals of the Wise County Appraisal District. And there was a big one filed yesterday: 

  • It was Surrender Day in Fulton County. They deserve everything they get. 

    • Flashback: Jenna Ellis called herself and Powell and Giuliani an "elite strike force" in November 2019 as they spread lies to the nation.

  • Trump's arraignment in court -- not to be be confused with his surrender to jail this evening -- will be televised. (Edit: CNN just reported that Trump will change Georgia lawyers. Edit: Done.)

  • This was the screenshot during the opening question at last night's Republican debate last night. Ugh. Gave me an immediate case of Slumped Shoulders. 

  • One second you are marching on Moscow and the next you are in a plane that blows up.  Everyone told the guy he had a target on his back. 

  • And he's not up for election for another three years. 

  • Employment quick hits:
    • Seeing various headlines about salary increases, or lack thereof, for county employees.

    • The Texas Tribune has become a journalistic rising star, but it was hit with layoffs yesterday. It's the first time that's happened in its 14 year history.

    • I can't say I know many Oklahoma journalists, but I noted that Berry Tramel -- a Big 12 and OU writer whose bylines I've seen for years -- has left the Daily Oklahoman and starting an online publication

  • I've proclaimed him the greatest player in the history of baseball, and I stand by it. Oh, my:  

  • Cowboys arrest: The charge is going to be Possession of THC < 1 gram. It's a State Jail Felony but about the most insignificant felony there is. (You buy a a single package of gummies at a dispensary in Colorado and you are going to be in possession of 50 grams.) And the gun would have been legal but for the possession of the THC. No reason to get worked up over this. 

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