Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Two long term Decatur ISD educators (right) celebrated integration on the front page of the Messenger. I need to be careful: This archived newspaper might be considered illegal "CRT" information in today's age. 

  • A fake mugshot, distributed online moments before the real one was, duped a lot of people last night. But the real one looks more ominous than the fake one.  

    • We knew the official arrest was coming, but it really was jarring to see the above. Almost as jarring as the ridiculous number of motorcycle cops in the motorcade to and from the jail.

    • After the book-in, Trump made his first post on Twitter since being banned the day after the Insurrection. And it included a weird slogan for a guy who just surrendered at his book-in.

  • Breaking records left and right. And high school football season started last night with the majority of games this evening. 
    • And Wichita Falls is having its big bike race this weekend. 

  • Big News! Thes$300,000 Man in no more. Instead, he has become the $345,250 Man. Yep, after the Uvalde cluster they gave him a raise. 

  • I was kind of curious that we "had over a thousand" people missing in Maui without names. Now we have names and a smaller number:

  • Two "sexual assault" cases were tried this week in Tarrant County with two "not guilty" verdicts returned. Source: Tarrant County DA Trial Board.
  • Not sure what is going on here. Zillow is showing that Mar-a-lago was "sold" for $422,000,000 (say what?) to Mar-a-Lago Inc. in early August. That company is controlled by Donald Trump Jr. 

  • I'm a day late on this, but a 53 year old third grade teacher in Oklahoma got a bit liquored up before and during the first day of school.  That's yellow thing in the photo below is a portable breath test (PBT) which showed an alcohol concentration of 0.24.  The driving limit is usually 0.08 around the nation. 

  • Translated: The convicted cop simply filed his brief (PDF) in the court of appeals alleging errors made at his trial which is pretty much what happens in 99% of every criminal appeal.  It's not a personal attack on the judge.

  • A very Charlie's Angels vibe by Dallas PD in a recruiting post this morning

  • Thank goodness: It was announced yesterday that ESPN's College Gameday has officially retired the "Coming to Your City" song as it's introductory song. Driven me nuts for years. We won't know the new song until tomorrow morning. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 50 days.