Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

 It was a "fine levied by the Texas Ethics Commission" against Judge Sharon Keller for failing to fully disclose millions of dollars of real estate and income in financial statements." And she is still on the court.

  • I told ya it was coming. 

  • In Georgia attempted election stealing prosecution news:
    • John Eastman has turned himself in and we have our first high profile mugshot.

        • When he doubled down on this statement yesterday like he was a QAnon nut, I was ready to call him crazy.  But upon reflection, what else can he say? It's his only defense. It's his only hope to stay out of prison. He has to maintain the lie. 

    • Even if I'm a lesser know Georgia defendant, I'd spell "request" correctly.

    • Trump will turn himself on Thursday night during prime time. He's a born showman. 

  • There is a Republican debate tonight without Trump. And I just leaned that someone I hadn't heard of might be taking a seat while everyone else is standing:

  • I think this is just a bit. No way he's serious about this, and there's no way anyone would buy it. In support of this theory, I went to the website to see if you could actually buy a ticket like he claims, and you can't. It just promises "coming soon" (with a probably false claim that the 100 "pre-sale tickets" have already been taken.)

  • I know our leaders are dumb, but there's no way we they can be that dumb right? Dennis Prager videos simply push the accelerator down on the road to Idiocracy
  • Video: Mom removed from Tennessee House Subcommittee for simply holding up a sign that read, "1 KID > ALL THE GUNS."   When she asks, "Is this what democracy looks like?", we should take heed. 

  • Suites getting nicer. I'm sure the interior decorator didn't suggest curtains for the end zone. 

  • Traffic on 114 news. The new development is described as "south of Texas State Highway 114, west of F.M. 156, north of Elizabeth Creek, and east of BNSF Railroad, the development would span 430 acres." My graphics department took out a red pen and told me that should be somewhere behind Northwest High School off 114. 

  • A former Miss Texas is running for a Texas House district in the metroplex as a Democrat. The seat is currently held by a Republican who won 54.3% to 45.2% in 2022. That photo the Texas Tribune used might be an accurate predictor of her chances if you focus on Miss Texas' Teen's expression. 

  • We had a Wise County criminal case affirmed on appeal on Monday. That was quick. It was tried to a jury less than a year ago.
    • Legal nerdy stuff: This was a very old case because the defendant was in Germany for many, many years before being arrested. One of the points of error concerned a lost video: "Slimp complains of evidence from 1995 related to this case that was lost or destroyed and argues that, even though current law does not allow for a spoliation remedy without a showing of bad faith, this Court should 'reevaluate the current state of the law and amend existing precedent with regards to spoliation in criminal cases.'" The court declined. 
    • Edit: A completely different Wise County criminal case just got affirmed this morning. That was a quick one as well.