Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

It might not be Alabama Rush TikTok videos, but some new TCU sorority girls became a local viral sensation when several tripped over an ill-placed pavement berm. 

  • Trump will turn himself into the Fulton County Jail on Thursday and then be released on a $200,000 bond, but he might be going insane thinking about it: 

    • Fulton County Jail in 1950:

    • Legal nerdy stuff: Regarding his bond conditions, everyone is focusing on sections (a) through (e) which prohibits "threat[s]", but those are just examples which would fall within the broader condition of the opening paragraph. That opening paragraph prohibits any "act to intimidate . . . a codefendant or a witness." Threats are just a small subclass of "intimidate" because of the "but is not limited to" clause.

  • "Stand back and stand by": We've got a Proud Boy on the run. He's a Florida man. BOLO.

  • We spend so much time talking about these things, but no one really mentions how ridiculously ineffective those things are. But if Abbott did it for the PR, it was a home run. 

  • This was from a judge and not a jury. Whenever you see that, you can rest assured that this is an agreed deal between the State and the defense because the State couldn't find a single expert to say the person was sane. 

  • Ted Cruz. Harvard educated. 
    • Yesterday morning he fell for one of the oldest and most infamous photoshops on the Internet. He later admitted he was duped, but wrote "In LA, you never know." 

    • You never know if a shark is on a highway because it's in LA?  

  • Last night, WFAA had this crazy - and I do mean crazy - video (quick loading link on Twitter here and on YouTube here).  The guys trying to break in are thugs, but does anyone care about the bullets which went flying through the wall of his neighbor's apartment? And what king of gun was that? He fired off 12 rounds in under two seconds. WFAA story link here
    Guys trying to kick in door. Bullets about to fly. 
    "In the video, you can see bullets [go] into Rodriguez's neighbor's apartment."

    Outgoing bullet holes

  • Political junkies only. Here's a detailed chart of who was ahead in Iowa in August, who actually won, how and how much the polls were off. 

  • I think I'd trust Hunter Biden, who hangs out with hookers and cocaine, more than a president's son who tries to sell the public this

  • The Book Banning craze isn't new. I learned yesterday in 1969 that Baylor went nuts when the Theater Department tried to put on a rendition of A Long Day's Journey Into Night. But it's one thing for a private religious school to do this, and quite another for a public ISD to try an censor a book  about a gay kid. Side note: I knew nothing about the play or the movie, but it is ridiculously benign. And I now want to see it. 

  • So we are just going to shoot people at the border now? Some people want to turn immigrants into the new Jews of Germany -- with  gays being a close second. (This is the second time in a week DeSantis has mentioned gunning down people crossing the border. When did this become normal?)

  • Update on The Ticket vs. Dan and Jake: They are headed to mediation today and the parties avoided a federal court hearing yesterday on the The Ticket's TRO by temporarily agreeing to stop doing their podcast.  I bet this gets settled. 

  • I think I've become a big fan of Stoicism.