Random Monday Morning Thoughts

This was quite the scandal because he also sounded a little liquored up. He was just coming off a failed race against Ted Cruz for the Senate and, at the time he made the call, Dan Patrick was after his job for Lt. Governor. Things didn't get any better for him. 

  • Weather:
    • We broke a record yesterday.

    • This week is killin' us. 

    • Saw this last night. Honestly, I don't know why we are in more "danger" of a fire than other areas of North Texas unless the red also corresponds with the worst part of the drought. It may.

    • Some high school games in the metroplex have begun announcing a delayed start time for varsity games. I haven't heard anything about Wise County games. Side note: We use to kickoff at 8:00 p.m. back in the day for every game. 

    • That apocalypse of Hurricane Hilary hitting California was probably a tad bit overblown.  This photo was floating around yesterday -- if you look closely, it's just a wet parking lot around Dodger Stadium. 

  • Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick last week appointed a retired judge to preside over Ken Paxton's impeachment trial in the Texas Senate.  The judge accepted the appointment and then immediately turned it down when he realized he had once contributed $250 to Paxton's opponent in the last election. (Compare and contrast Justice Thomas sitting on the Supreme Court and won't recuse himself after personally receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in perks.)

  • Trump, citing a new CBS Poll showing him with 62% in the Republican primary, announced he won't be taking part in the Fox News debate this week.  That same poll that Trump endorsed had this amazing result as well: Trump supporters believe him more than pastors or friends/family. 

    • How other leaders in the Republican polls in August went on to do in the Iowa Caucus:

  • Remember that "Blue Alert" that went off on our phones last week -- an alert which led to the guy being arrested a couple of days later only 6 miles from where the Houston incident happened? This is what the cops did to the house to make that arrest. 

  • If you wanted to know more about this, good luck. "Investigators say the stabbing stemmed from a domestic situation."   But here is the street it happened on from Google Streetview.

  • Lake Bridgeport is low, but I've noticed that water hasn't been released this summer to Eagle Mountain lake like you typically see. You know why? The Tarrant County Water Board now has the option of  "pumping significant amounts of water from the east Texas lakes, Richland Chambers and Cedar Creek, to its western reservoirs." And they are doing it. That tidbit is buried in this story which also says,  “Without that pumping, Bridgeport would be seven feet lower and Eagle Mountain would be over five and a half feet lower.” 

  • From the campaign trail: In addition to calling Trump supporters "listless vessels", DeSantis' bus got stuck in Iowa.

  • Random nerdy legal stuff: Fun two page order where a patent troll was ordered last week by a federal court to pay $191,302.18 in attorney's fees as a sanction for filing a frivolous lawsuit against Google.

  • The case of alleged murder-for-hire involving a lawyer which I was monitoring last week involving the Texas AG's office ended in a hung jury

  • Shoutout to WCSO for fixing its jail inmate list pdf