Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

There was a time when a car crash photo was guaranteed to make the front page of the Messenger. 

  • That was shocking and shockingly fast. Within a year of entering the golf game, the Saudis bought out the PGA. What else could they buy?

  • Here's an odd tidbit in connection with the "ghost plane" over D.C. that lead to the sonic bomb on Sunday:

  • Eccentric plaintiff's lawyer Tony Buzbee might represent Ken Paxton in the impeachment trial after all. We will find out today at 2:00 p.m. He prematurely announced this over the weekend before deleting the social media post -- not exactly a great start. Regardless, we might get us a circus if he enters the fray. 

  • The skies above New York were smoky last evening due to Canadian wildfires.


  • Let's check in late next week to see if Delkus is just looking for attention with this far away forecast.

  • It didn't seem like a bad weather day yesterday, but a lightning strike did quite the number of the home close to Mira Vista in southeast Fort Worth.

  • Chris Christie entered the presidential race yesterday and took straight aim at Trump. Let's check on Trump Jr. this morning for a reaction.  Have I told you how much I hate Junior?

  • Legal stuff. Man, there continues to be fallout from the Supreme Court's decision last year expanding the Second Amendment. Yesterday, the Third Circuit gutted, at least in part, a federal "felon in possession" law.

  • Media breaking news: The guy trying to revamp CNN, and who thought it would be a good idea to give Trump a town hall meeting in a roomful of worshipers, is out.

  • The Washington Post coverage on the Ranger's signing debacle: 

  • What happened to that strange Michael Irvin I-Didn't-Harass-Her lawsuit?