Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago, we learned that the government was spying on us like nobody's business. I thought everyone would go nuts over this. I was wrong. No one cared. Side note: I have forgotten that the leak was from Edward Snowden. 

  • Breaking. That was a wild ride. And I'm being too kind. 

  • This will be the Wise County Sheriff's last term in office. The big rumor for over a year was that he would retire early and step down now at the midway point, but that apparently is not going to happen. 

  • New York is quite the scene these days.

  • Flamboyant lawyer Tony Buzbee, who I can only assume is really good despite sounding like an absolute crackpot every time I've heard him, has officially entered the fray and will represent Ken Paxton in his impeachment trial in the Senate.

    • He's about to find out that his normal way of doing things ain't happening in the Senate where they create their own rules. It's not going to be a "real trial."

    • You might remember Buzbee from some of his past escapades especially this one involving a date who was wonderfully named Lindy Lou Layman:

    • By the way, The House's prosecution lawyer, Rust Hardin, had a response to Buzbee which made reference to this movie clip.

  • Say what?

  • Mike Pence announced his run for president and had his strongest words yet about Trump. He doesn't stand a chance.  

  • I just mentioned Troy and women a couple of days ago. Story.

  • Legal nerdy stuff: I haven't read it, but this is a heck of way to start off a dissent in a federal drug case handed down yesterday by the Fifth Circuit.

  • "It's warehouses, people! See ya next week!"

  • Messenger: Above the Fold