Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I had forgotten that Troy Aikman once didn't now how to use direct messaging on Twitter.

  • Wise County news: You might remember the drug raid on this home of Jake and Brooke Melton off Washburn street in Decatur in April in 2021.  According to court records (Cause no. CR24262), the drug case against Brooke was dropped but last week she was sentenced to one year in the State Jail for "Abandon Endanger Child Criminal Negligence." She'll serve day for day with no parole.  His case, CR24298, is still pending. Flashback:

  • A private jet invaded Washington D.C. air space yesterday causing fighter jets to scramble and cause a sonic boom that could be heard throughout the area.  The story behind the plane is the real news: The pilot was unresponsive and probably unconscious (like the Payne Stewart plane back in the day), and it eventually crashed in Virginia. Killed on board were the pilot as well as the daughter, granddaughter, and their nanny of the owner of the private jet, John Rumpel (pictured below.)

  • It was already weird that he Texas House had hired two high priced lawyers to prosecute the Ken Paxton impeachment case in the Senate, but things got really weird when mega-rich Plaintiff's lawyer Tony Buzbee of Houston announced on Instagram on Friday night that he would be defending Paxton.  Then Buzbee deleted the post without explanation

  • Kind of weird: There was big metroplex news story earlier this year when a popular pawn shop owner in Lewisville was shot and killed. I noticed that one of the guys arrested in the alleged murder was actually picked up this weekend in Wise County on the same charge and is currently in the local jail.  I know he had made bond when originally arrested in March, but I'm not sure what prompted the arrest on the same charge -- it would normally be to an added charge or some problem with the bond. The arrest was made by a deputy with the Wise County Sheriff's Office. 

  • Skeleton news crews on weekends make it almost impossible to learn about anything that happens. In Sunnyvale, a couple in a car followed a family of five into a townhomes parking lot in broad daylight and opened fire, killing a woman and injuring three children. That's all we know.

  • The governor was blabbing over the weekend about eliminating property taxes. Just what would he replace it with? He doesn't know because he's not serious. 

  • Financial advice guru Dave Ramsey (whose advice is to save more and spend less) has been sued for $80 million for endorsing a scam a company was running promising to get you out of that dumb time share that you bought.  But look at how much he was paid to do so!

  • Crazy Congresswoman Lauren Boebert released a video saying she didn't "miss" the vote on raising the debt ceiling last week, but that it was an intentional protest of not voting. But . . . 

    • . . . there's is literally a video of her running up the capitol steps late that night as someone tells her, and she acknowledges, that the voting is already over. 

  • News from the campaign trail.
    • He's gone nuts. 

    • Mick Pence must have joined a biker gang. 

    • Ron DeSantis says that the federal government that he will lead will punish those he doesn't agree with. Totally normal.  Video.

    • His wife joined in by wearing this jacket.


  • DNA story from below (probably paywalled.)