Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Original story here.  After wondering "where are they now?", I tracked someone down who has the same name as the prosecutor in the story. If it is her, she's now a divorce lawyer at Cordell & Cordell in San Antonio.

  • Apple has unveiled its virtual reality headset at a hefty price, but I bet this thing is actually great. I've said for years that people will eventually all use these things as we turn into big globs of goo. Here's the 90 second commercial for it which makes it look pretty neat. 

  • An ultra-MAGA candidate has announced for the seat of Rep. Lynn Stucky who represents Wise County in the Texas legislature.  That's the last thing we need. Stucky isn't my cup of tea, but he's at least a normal Republican. 
  • There was a pretty interesting genetic DNA case in the news yesterday after a New Jersey lawyer was arraigned on four sexual assault cases that occurred 15 years ago. Detectives used genetic databases to identify him as a possible match, but they needed his actual DNA to make it relatively conclusive. That problem was solved by obtaining "a glass and utensils" he used at a "corporate event" so the test could be done.  

  • Follow-up from the D.C. sonic boom story from Sunday as jets scrambled to track down a wayward private plane. People in D.C. freaked out over the sound but, when I was a kid roaming the mean streets of Bridgeport, I heard sonic booms all the time. No one batted an eye. They were banned in 1973. 
    • You can hear the boom here as it disturbed a dog who has a really nice life. 

  • I did a double-take this morning when I heard an advertisement on The Ticket for this:  

  • Keller ISD's superintendent has announced he will retire, but he looks pretty young. (I couldn't find his age anywhere.) Anyway, I wondered if he was just sick of the harassment from MAGA extremists of him and school board.  He's walking away from a good gig: "Westfall’s most recent contract, with a salary of $285,340.10, began on Feb. 28, 2022, and was scheduled to last through Jan. 31, 2027."

  • They are not serious people down there. 

  • Campaign trail news.
    • Fox News is now calling Trump a liar and clearly taking sides.

    • A Republican I would vote for, Chris Sununu, announced he would not enter the race.  He thinks too many candidates in the primary will only help Trump get the nomination, and he wants no part of that. 

  • To get in and out of  the sea of housing divisions on Bonds Ranch Road has to be the biggest beating . . .